Help! Recovering from a car accident

I have been away from this site for a while, life started being good and my computer was not used much then....something bad happened.

well, to the point. I missed this group and need to be back to read and interact far more.

In August we were in a car accident. We as in me and my child with cerebral palsy. I have been at 5 appts a week and minimal progress.

I am now on fentynal (which was a regular med) and short acting meds have stopped working. I have been given morphine sulfate for pain and even that is not effective .

Has anyone seen any studies on people with fibro recovering from trauma?

Lets not talk about the depression about my absolute limitations.

I am so sorry to hear of your accident I have suffered some accidental falls since being diagnosed in1998, and while they are not as jarring to the body as a car accident would be ,I did eventually get back to the way I wasbefore the accidents.,it however took many months.I am also on fentynal and oxycodone for the break through pain.No this doesn't always take away all the pain ,by far. I find that streching of yoga exercises helps,soaking in hot water ,and I know many would not agree but eating some red meat seems to help.if you don't put in the right building blocks it is hard for the body to repair it's self. On that same note 3 packets a day of unflavored geleatin also help.with the tendons and cartalage problems with the joints(all only up to a point) again this is the right building blocks theroy,as that is what geletin is made of. If you have a broken brick wall and you get a load of lumber you won't get far in repairing it till it gets some bricks and mortar.Hope this helps,it does take time .I do hope that you both get much better soon.

I hope someone else will post on this, as I have just been in a car accident too! It could have been worse--it was a low speed accident, I was hit from behind while coming to a stop at a stop light, and was pushed into the car in front of me. My pain is only a bit more than usual, but my chiropractor is appalled--I am *so* much more out of alignment than I have ever been! I really didin;t need an addition to the pain I have. So, someone, let us know if you have recovered!!!

I really don’t know. Hope you get answers.

Dear Lyra,

It's so good to hear from you! I've missed you! I just thought you had fallen head over heels in love, and you may have!

Most of my health problems are autoimmune related, (genetic) even the Rheum said the PsA most likely caused the fibro, however, the last rear end car accident kicked it all up!

My Chiropractor helped me more than anything! Of course none will touch you before you are x-rayed, and in case you weren't it may be a good idea. So sorry to hear that you and your dear daughter had to go through this! My heart is with you for a speedy and complete recovery, or something very close!

Sending love and hugs,