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Help please! Stabbing pain is back!

I had been doing so good. Then all of a sudden this intense stabbing pain is back. My legs, arms, back and neck feel like I have been ran over by a car. I’m not even sure what has brought about this flare up. The pain is so intense that that i have been feeling nauseous and lightheaded. Everything I have tried to ease the pain has only made it worse. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated right now.

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I wish I had something for you to try but I’m in a similar boat. Last week my back hurt so badly I couldn’t function for 3 days and I don’t know what I did to cause it. It brings me back to my belief that FMS is a brain disease- my brain doesn’t channel things correctly or sends false messages to the rest of my body. I could mirror your list of pain I’ve been feeling and I’m going to associate it with this quarantine thing happening. I can talk myself through it and rationalize all of it but that doesn’t mean my brain is cooperating. My brain seems to exaggerate any type of stress and my body attacks itself. It’s so horrible~ I feel for you in the biggest way possible. Hang in there! And if you hear of a solution I’m missing, please share.

i freeze wet washrags in ziplock bags to put on painful areas. Anxiety can flare me, so deep breathes of fresh air for 5 to 10 minutes…slowly and think of some nice memory. I have a hand held heavy duty Homedic massager than i use on legs, shoulders and low back. its very painful, but helps a great deal. it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes. otherwise, welcome to the club.

Unfortunately for me it comes and goes. I have good days and bad. Is it more on one side than the other? Mine is all down my left side. It is usually brought on by stress and muscle tension. I use tizanidine, 600mg ibeprofin, clonazepam, icy hot, ice packs, and music. I try to relax as much as I can. The more stressed the more the muscles squeeze the nerves. The pool helps as well. Hope you feel better.

I have had a major attack like that once in a blue moon. If the pain gets really bad then you may want to visit an ER. I know with the coronavirus it’s a scary thought but there are some hospitals that just take coronavirus patients vs non coronavirus patients. Try a heating pad if you got it or a very warm dishcloth over the painful areas helps. Stress is a big trigger. I hope you feel better soon!


Hello I agree with Davey remarks in trying heat on areas I also use back supports when pain gets really bad they help support the back and ease the pain a bit but if all fails do try and seek medical help as Davey stated there are places that are still dealing with other illnesses besides the virus.Hope you get some ease soon.

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