Help people of the uk! (p.i.p)

okay so i am in need of some help... english sufferers mainly, i applied for pip a year ago and got refused, my fibro has worsened dramatically, i had my 2nd assessment at home, i couldnt bend when she asked me to i couldnt grip her thumbs properly, her report got to pip on monday, i phoned tuesday and got put through to an obviously undertrained advisor that told me have been awarded enhanced for both care and mobility... i then was so relieved to finally be getting the help i so desperately need to get a bus pass just to take my children to school... phone up the next day tol be told i was misinformed there hasnt yet been a decision made, so annoyed its untrue, so i phoned again after it sank in and asked where did that info come from did he dream it up or has he read it somewhere because he asked all my security questions and confirmed my D.O.B and address, and she said he wouldnt have dreamt it up he may have been mistakenly reading out the assessors recommendation but we are not allowed to disclose what that says on the phone, i have now requested a copy of it and am waiting on a decision i have since sent in old and new evidence.. school letters to state the boys attendance is suffering because i cant walk well, iv sent a letter from rheumotology, various doctors notes stating i had to under go a termination because my illness is so severe i couldnt carry a baby even though i would have liked another child, iv got a letter confirming delivery of a permanent wheelchair, its endless... can someone please shed any light onto what wil be happening with my claim, i dont think they rease how distressing and life changing that misinformation is to someone who can barely move around at the age of 28... if you know someone who works for pip or had any experience that might explain what the heck maybe going on and put my mind at rest please comment or message me i would love to hear from you xx

Hello Jodie,

My heart goes out to you, you are so young and dealing with this with young children.. you deserve all the help you can get. I am in UK also, but have no experience of PIP, but I have friends who do. Their stories seem to be similar to yours, so hard to get, misinformation... it goes on. I will ask if they have any advice, and hopefully others on here will weigh in. I wish you well, and let us know what happens.

Take care, Anne