Help filling out a college form to have my college loan forgiven for my chronic fibro and pain?

Is there anyone who has filled one of these out by their doctor and had the form oked by SSI?? Also where can I go to understand the language needed for my doctor to fill out a form. Strangely there are almost no doctors I've seen don't have any clue how to fill one of these forms out.

This form is to completely have my school loans forgiven which means they just go away and I never have to pay anything back since I can't work I have no money to even pay the monthly $450.

Is there a website that has an actual complete Temporary and Totally Disability form that was actually approved? So I can help my doctor understand how to fill out my form correctly?? Thanks a bunch!

Hello flowerpower,

I want to let you know that sometimes people who have their student loans discharged are slapped with a big tax amount. Obviously not as much as the loan but sometimes it's in the thousands. I'm not trying to scare you off, only inform you ahead of time. I myself and trying to do the same thing right now as I hope that the tax wouldn't be much as I'm no longer employed. if they go by last year though, I was, so it could be a problem. Just think about that end of things, okay?

I'm surprised that your doctors don't know how to do your forms (mine must know how to do them in her sleep as she had to do them 3 separate times.) The doctor lists all of the things that you can no longer do, like lift your arms above your head, for instance.

If the doctor would write that you can't hold down any job, that would be great but please don't make it too obvious that you'd like that put down. I once asked my doctor to put down certain wording so I could get out of jury duty, since I can't drive that distance anymore and she didn't write anything like i had requested. I think that it's a doctor thing with them, they don't want someone trying to tell them what to do, which I can understand, given all of their medical training and all.

Sorry i can't write more but my shoulders are hurting me tonight, making it hard to type.



PS: This website talks about the possible tax situation that you and i might run into: