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Help, currently having terrible pain!

I am currently having crazy painful days and am at a loss on how to get some pain relief. The current meds I am on are Metformin for my diabetes, Atenolol for high BP and medical marijuana (was on a ton of meds before) for my osteoarthritis and fibro. Had shoulder surgery in January with a lot of inflammation and that still hurts as well. I do have opioids but they make me nauseated so I can only take 1/2 of a weak strength but it doesn’t really help much. Is there anything out there that may help me with the severe pain?
Thank you!

Sorry to hear about the painful days, praying for relief for you. My fibro does great with Savella w/o it I’m in a ball not wanting to move. I also use CBD cream 1100 for massaging the hurt areas, doesn’t always work but it does help. I’m w/you on not taking the opioids, mine never worked. I know it may sound crazy but have you tried going for a walk to see if it would help? Turmeric works well for inflammation & it’s easy on the stomach. Prayers to you!

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I used to be on Cymbalta, which didn’t do a thing for me. I use CBD oil as well as a heavy THC strain for nights. They help just as good as the ton of prescription meds I was on before. The major thing with my pain is that it’s possibly a mix of fibro, osteoarthritis and the shoulder inflammation. Walking has been extremely difficult because one of my hips hurts all the time and even walking a bit aggravates the level of pain. My body unfortunately doesn’t agree with turmeric. Would there be any other treatments available for the pain, maybe a pain management specialist?

I work with a pain specialist, and there are online courses available here in Australia too, I would imagine there must be similar overseas.
I found working with a wholistic therapist helpful, as they bring a broad range of skills to the table. Naturopathy/Homeopathy were among his skills, and there are a range of natural alternatives that might help, not just tumeric. I do not handle medications well, I get side affects and often no relief so this option was the best for me. Good luck, hang in there, you can get through this.

I used to rely on a heating pad to help ease pain…along with meds. About a year ago, I started freezing washclothes. Make the cloth wet, wring it out, fold in 4th so it slides into a ziplock baggie. freeze. I keep 3 going – they are flat, and i sit on 2 for my thighs or calves, and put the other on my back down low or up at the shoulder. the cold numbs the pain and gives my morning meds a chance to work. I am amazed that doctors are not looking for a new med that actually helps fibro. I’ve had it 45 years and am allergic to everything except the Norco, which was cut from 10 a day to 4 due to the drug addicts overusing and bad docs over prescribing. all that does is take away help from those of us who need more than 4 a day. try the freezing. :slight_smile:

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Been there, done that. I have large ice packs that mold. I’ve even used ice massage. The relief is very short lived unfortunately. It’s just so frustrating to not be able to find a way to relive the pain for any length of time.

I’m not sure if this is allowed to talk about here, it is legal in most states…but I take kratom and was been able to leave the pain meds behind 4 years ago. It helps me get up and moving because it gives energy but also helps with pain. A lot! I only take small amounts (1-2 g) or sprinkle a little in my tea. There’s a load of different types, strains, and effects. You really have to do your homework to find what works best for you. Here in Ohio, you can buy it in gas stations and smoke shops. I’ve seen shops in other states completely dedicated to selling one product- kratom lol. Chicago Illinois, Statesville NC, Georgia, Florida , Colorado and SC as well. It’s available online as well. Most states have actually passed laws legalizing it because chronic pain patients marched on Washington in 2016 begging Congress to allow them their quality of life back with kratom. Anyways, besides that, I use medical marijuana . I also have lupus and sjogren’s so my pain gets really intense sometimes. These 2 plant medicines have been a miracle for me! Here’s a few other plants/ vitamins I use daily

Berberine- modulates immune response

Magnesium chloride-transdermal is the best for tight painful muscles and doesn’t aggravate digestive system

Peppermint oil - helps pain and brain fog

Frakinsense- pain and insomnia

Colostrum- modulates immune response, heals leaky gut syndrome ( cause of most autoimmune illness), energy and helps insomnia

Moringa- hair loss- my hair is growing so fast now and not falling anymore. I’ve been losing hair since my fibromyalgia diagnosis 20 years ago and this plant is a miracle for hair

Turmeric- regular powder not the extract. Use it to make tea from as well. I still notice anti-inflammatory effects from it even though I don’t take the extract. It does need a bit of black pepper or cayenne added for effectiveness.

Hope you feel better soon :pray::heart::pray:

“This too shall pass” even though I know it doesn’t feel that way sometimes, it will

Could not see what others commented…

But have been there…i can only take very low meds also, but get about half my help from dr. And half self help…

I do take an anti inflammatory med,as well as curamed…which is tumeric based…

I also use some topical pain relievers , pain erase is out of production, but biofreeze higher strength can help…

If i feel like a flare is coming…i go lay on an acupressure, mat

Well it limits how many words…

Anyway, the point being…you can find ways to lower your pain…magnesium and malic acid help…


Thank you, I’ll check it out. I don’t know anything about Kratom. I think I read about it some time ago but am not sure.

I have been on anti inflammatories, both prescription and over the counter for years. Tried Biofreeze without much success for my fibro pain but it has some minor effect for my osteoarthritis. I guess I just have to continue to muddle through and do my best to get through the bad days. It’s exhausting at times.

i never heard if kratom either, what i find on the internet, it sounds really dangerous. But then, one aspirin kills some people. i am also researching wild lettuce. My pain specialist is a quack, interested only in surgery to implant TENS in the spine. so i see his PA to get 4 norco a day. All I know for certain is that a med that helps one person, gives no relief to someone else. this is such a frustrating disease.

Hello, my pain gets high also. I know to rest & take tension & stress off the area. Use ice or use heating pad to see which is best. I go to a chiro that uses the Thompson Method of chiropractic help. A table to lay on & the doctor works the table with levers to make adjustments. Not a cure all but definitely some relief. Muscles tense up & that will affect muscles to be more painful. Pain cream also. Meds if no help at all. The weather that’s high in barometric pressure before a storm affects me & arthritis. Try to change focus to a fun thing to do or funny movie have helped. Pushing beyond when my body is speaking in pain just makes me worse. Stretches help also. There a huge many of people with FM & Chronic Fatigue. I have Anemia also that tires me. Pray you’ll find something to help.

I pain specialist could definitely be worth a try. Mine I have now did a trial for a spinal cord stimulator. WOW on this thing. Was 60-65% less pain, still dealing w/the rash from adhesive but less pain was a blessing. Just waiting now for doc to put in the real one. Find a good pain specialist that deals w/fibro. Wishing you better days.