I am new here but not new to the fibro world. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. Went a long time without meds thinking I could handle anything. For the past 2 week I have been in a lot of pain, fatigue, heaviness all over, and not sleeping. The fibro fog is really bad. Hoping there is an end to this flare soon. Don’t know how much more I can take. :frowning:

Hi Ginger, sorry you are having such a hard time . Maybe it is time to see a doctor and discuss your options as to treatment . All the best !

I am currently taking 150 mg of Cymbalta a day for fibro and severe depression. Usually I do ok at work, but lately I’ve not been able to “hide” my pain. Something has got to give. Thanks. For,the hugs.

Hi Ginger . Perhaps it would be good , though to re-evaluate the medication .
Much love

Welcome Ginger! Don’t try to be a hero. Your body needs sleep to recover. The Dr can give you something for that st least. Iknow how you feel. I’m 35 and can’t believe this is me. I didn’t want to take meds either. A few years later, I tested positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Find a rrheumatoid Dr. They are more understanding. Hang in there, we are always here if you need to vent.

Ps, Fibro fog sucks.

Hi.Ginger and welcome! I am sorry that the fibro monster got you too. I am surprised to hear how long you have gone without the need for meds. Good for you for holding it off for so long!

Please hang in there with with this flair! A lot of people on here soak in Epsom salts to help with the pain. I either rock or swing my foot back n forth or do something to let out a bit of the pain. It helps, in a way.

Are you currently on meds? Maybe a call in to your doctor could get an adjustment to them, if you do take them. I know that some people on here do go the natural route, which impresses me. You can just go back a gew pages to find those conversations.

Unfortunately, the lack of sleep tends to make the pain more intense, which, in turn makes it harder to sleep. I hope you can get a good sleep in. It can help quite a bit, sometimes.

Hugs to you. It'll pass soon.


Ps. I have a good neurologist who deals with my pain issues.

Hello and gentle hugs

I hope your flare ends soon.

Thank you I hope so too. Today I couldn’t even go to work. Today is starting my 2nd week of this flare. I have not been like this in a very long time!

Petunia Girl

Yes I am on 150 mg Cymbalta a day for fibro and depression. And my dr called me in a muscle relaxer last week for the flare. Just can’t get myself over it. Not sure if I need to push through it or lay down and let it run its course. I’m usually not one to lay down bur this time I’m finding it hard to function.