Just wanted go say hello and reintroduce myself since I haven't been here in a long time. My name is Stephanie. I'm a lovely 42 year old mother of two living in Ontario Canada.Although I've know for years I've had FM I wasn't diagnosed until about 14 mths ago I guess. On top of all the issues caused by FM I've also have back surgery for a herniated disk leaving me with a lot of back and nerve pain.It took me quite a long while to accept than FM and back pain were going to be a permanent condition in my life. I looking forward to meet new friends, learning new remedies and sharing things I've learned that help. :) Steph

Hi, Steph, and welcome to the site. We're glad you are here.

Hi steph, so glad your back on here. Its a great place to be

Hi, Steph, welcome back x

Welcome back, lovely Stephanie.



Thank you for the welcomes :)