I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia just about a year ago. Though I have been suffering for about 15 or more years with the pain slowly getting worse. I finally have a doctor that doesn't say it's all in my head or I'm faking it, or just a wimp and need to tough it out. Now I have a group of people I can go to that aren't going to think I'm just a big whiner and I'm just complaining for complaining sake.

Vicky S.

Hello and welcome!

Nah, you're not whining, you're sharing your legit frustrations about your fibro. Oh boy, do you have tons of frustrations when you have fibro. So please do not feel that you can't share them with us, as that is why we are here. And we understand exactly what you're saying.

Secondly, congratulations for finally finding a good doctor who believes in you. It's like finding the holy grail. What a relief!! Treatment, tests, medication. Some relief at long last. But you must be very patient to go through 15 years without help. Bless you on that; I think I would have throttled my doctor by then.

Again, welcome. I hope you find this site helpful.



Thank You!

Well I went through a lot of doctors. The first one actually was really determined to find out what was wrong with me, then he got a better offer from a hospital in another state. After that it was all downhill. That's why I went in this last time ready to fight. If he was going to brush me off I was going to MAKE him send the to the Arthritis research center here in town. They would have jumped at the mention of my cousin's name. This one though he even pulls up the net and looks stuff up with me sitting right there to find something that might work. He is an AWESOME doctor. He even takes the time to let me cry when I've had a really painful week and listen.

Hi and welcome to a great group. I know it’s hard to have anyone understand… Although some people say they do, they really don’t. The sad thing is I for the most part don’t look sick… And most of us don’t. I’m a whiner lately… I hurt, and I hurt my neck and back so I’ve been in a flare, and I’m sure my husband is sick of hearing me whine and ask him to rub my back and neck. So I understand if you want to whine, or yell or complain, because like I say a lot. FIBRO SUCKS. anyways. I’m so glad you found a dr who understands. Take care of yourself, and listen to your body.