Hello new to the group

Hi I’m 34 yrs old I was just diagnosed with fibro in Sept. I have been struggling for a while. I have a lot of problems getting around. I have to use a cane to walk or a wheelchair if it’s a long distance. I basically spend most my days laying on the couch watching tv cuz I am in pain all day. Joined the group to see if I’m not alone in the world and get some outside conversation going. I do have a wonderful husband and 3 great kids that without them I don’t know where I would be. But sometimes I just need people that know how I feel.

Hi Brandy
You are not alone . Welcome to the group .
I just wanted to stop by and send you some

Hello Suzie
Thank you so much for the welcome. Also for the huggs!! It’s always nice to hear I’m not alone. Sometimes being trapped at home all the time you start to feel like it.

Welcome, Brandy. It is really nice to make your acquaintance. It sounds like you have a supportive family which is truly wonderful. There are many of us here who are finding positive ways to cope with our illness. I have found it takes a whole-body approach. Stress management and developing relaxation techniques are key as are mild exercise such as aqua therapy or gentle yoga and stretching, sleep maintenance and a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t yet, check out our Fibro 101 guide as it is a terrific resource.

Hi Laurie, Stress management is a big thing for me. I get extremely stressed with myself because I wanna be like my old self again. Like a 34yr old not have the body of a 60yr old. But I’m starting to learn my limits. I have always had trouble asking for help. That has been my biggest hill to climb. I think it has been my 12yr old daughter that has finally made me come around to start asking for help. I have learned it easier to ask for help than stress about trying to get it stuff done. Or stress about my health. I have to learn to accept to who I am. I will definitely check out the Fibro 101 guide. Maybe it can help me out. Thanks so much!

Hi Brandy!

Just wanted to welcome you to the community. I have found a ton of support here and I am sure you will too. It is amazing how far a little understanding can go in lifting your spirits! I love to visit the humor page to see a lil Fibro humor every day. On my bad days, I find a lot of emotional support. Everyone here is fantastic. I wish you the best!

Gently hugs!

Hi Clenway5
So far everyone has been very welcoming. It has been great seeing I am not alone in this fight. It is very uplifting. I will definitely check the humor page. I haven’t seen that yet. I could always use a little laugh.
Hugs back!

Hello and welcome - I am mostly homebound and spend most of my time on my sofa watching TV too. I've become quite the expert on television. If you ever wanna compare notes... I love talking TV. heh

Hello sophy,
I am with you. I am also becoming quite the expert with tv. I have to admit I’m kinda obsessed with Dr Phil. I watch it all day long. I know kinda of embarrassing. You can only watch so many reruns before you wanna throw something threw the tv. haha You start to think you could write your own show and you would be great at it. :slight_smile:

Hi Brandy,

I wanted to add my welcome! We are happy you are here and sharing. Sometimes just starting a conversation can go a long way to help us feel better. Hugs.

Hello Auburnm,
Thank you for the welcome. I have been very happy I have joined. I have found lots of stories like my own. Nice to know I’m not alone. But sad to see so many suffering.

Hello Brandy

I am glad you have joined us. I don't watch a lot of tv. My mom does and she keeps me up to date on all the shows she watches.