Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Hello. New to group


I’ve had fibro for a little while and I don’t believe you ever truly adjust to this disease. Everyday is something different, whether it be more pain or mild pain, exhaustion, or just being so forgetful it makes you feel like you should carry around a white board to make notes!
Anyway, I found this site and thought I would see how everyone else copes with this. I have met a few people who had it and they seem to do so great! It just makes me feel like a failure sometimes.
I should mention I do not work and do receive disability due to fibro. For almost 3 months I did great to get out of bed and shower, let alone have a job.
Thank you for reading this and I hope to make some great friends!


Hi! I hope this site can be helpful to you.
I’m also on disability and unable to work.
I logged in tonight because I was feeling like a failure, exhausted by the time I was going to shower. I know better than to belittle myself but it can be so tough. Either things don’t get done or I’m struggling. Trying to find the balance but can’t do it on my own.

Anyway, the people I know that have fibro also seem to manage it better. However, only one person ( that I personally know) has it sever and is on disability.
It can affect each person differently and there to be different severities. It’s best to not compare yourself. Even my fibro friend that is similar to me, she seems to do a lot at times but can wear herself out all too easily. Although learning coping methods and such can be really benefitial.