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Hello, just diagnosed

Hi all,

I was just diagnosed with Fibro last week after 6 months of excruciating pain and being told there was nothing wrong with me.

It all started as severe abdominal pain. I was in and out of hospitals, GI doctors, urologists, neurologists, etc. Eventually, the pain started moving through my body, I started struggling with memory issues, and my anxiety shot through the roof after every negative test result.

I was finally able to get into a rheumatologist last week. She is running blood work to make sure there isn’t any autoimmune issues as well, but at least I finally feel like I’m not losing my mind.

I also had an MRI, and am now waiting for my OBGYN to contact me because I have multiple, large ovarian cysts.

I’m really struggling with depression and anxiety, and just took another hit today. I’ve been out of work since this started and I’ve run out of FMLA. My HR lady just called to tell me they are terminating my position. Thankfully, she’s extended my benefits out until June 30th and told me to call when I felt better so I could get another position in the company, but now I’m feeling rushed to “get better,” so I don’t lose my income and insurance. I’m going to start looking into my options, but I’m just scared.

I have a great pain management doctor, and a great physical therapist. I have an appointment with a pain management psychiatrist in a few weeks. So, hopefully, I can get some help.

I’m just struggling and am so happy to have found a site with people who are going through similar issues!

I’ve had fibromyalgia for almost fifteen years thank god my FP send me to Cleveland clinic to be diagnosed I now have a pain specialist that has fibromyalgia himself I am now getting lidocaine IV’S for the pain and it works here’s hoping you can get some relief

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Mine was worse when i was younger…it won’t always be as bad…i wish someone had told me that in the beginning.not much was known about it then…

Between your drs and self help techniques, you can feel better…

Also study up on alternative medicine for fibro…

There are supplements that can help , but we need more than that of course…

Move as much as you can , we need to move