Hello, I'm JennG

I was officially diagnosed w/ Fibromyalgia since 2000 but I think I've had it longer. I remember growing up having pain issues especially in my joints. I would wrap the different joints up & it would help. My family teased me that I was a hypochondriac. Now I'm pretty sure I was suffering from Fibro.

Over the past 15yrs, my doctor has also added to my lovely list: acid reflux, anxiety, IBS, migraines, & back issues including a fatty tumor on my lower back. I'm sure I'd get the Dx of depression when it hits me on occasion but it's not official. :)

I currently take these meds, on a daily basis, to help w/ the Fibro: Provigil 200mg, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D. I also have other meds to take as needed: meds for the acid reflux, Ibuprofen 200mg, & Ativan 5mg. I've found that the Provigil helps w/ the fatigue but lately I'm struggling w/ fatigue and lack of energy to do anything. It seems like I've got a handle on the pain w/ the Ibuprofen, heating pad, and wraps but the fatigue sucks! I know I need to exercise & eat better but that seems to be difficult too. Exercising sucks! LOL

Alittle about my life: I'm a mother of 3 children-my oldest child/only son is a Sophomore in college, my 2nd child/1st daughter is a Jr in HS, and my baby girl is a 6th grader. I have been w/ my 'husband' for almost 22yrs. I put husband in quotes because we've never officially married but we are in our hearts. I recently purchased our 1st home about 18mons ago and my mother came to live w/ us about 17mons ago. It's been a bit of an adjustment but we're all doing well.

We also share our home w/ our black lab/chow mixed dog. Her name is Pepper. We adopted our baby boy cat, Chester, about 3yrs ago. He was supposed to be for my daughter but he's my baby now. About 6mons after moving into our home, we found Leo who is a red ear slider turtle. And last, Abby is my mom's JRT dog. She's a bit too hyper for me but my mom loves her.

Anyways, I guess I've written a big enough book about myself. I hope to find inspiration from others in dealing w/ this lovely syndrome. I hate dealing w/ this but know that it could be worse. It's just hard that everyone around me forgets that I have to deal w/ this on a daily basis. Ok, I'll stop typing now. LOL

Hello JennG,

Glad to meet you! I love the sound of all your pets, and having your Mum living with you as well. I know what you mean about people forgetting. The fact that you have brought up 3 children with your husband is a real credit to you. Hope you find even more inspiration here, we are a very positive group of people!

Take care, Anne

hi jennG . welcome to this site. just stopped in to say hi..



Hi Jenn, and welcome!! I’m new here to but looking for the same as you…I honestly am in awe of ppl who have so many others and pets in their life to take care of. I can’t imagine because I live alone w/dog(Bugsy) and I find it hard to take care of me… Hopefully here we can both find some support, comfort and info to deal w/this dreaded disease! Goodnight for now!

Welcome JennG, thanks for letting us know about you! Hugs!!

Hi JennG and thank you for the great intro of yourself! Welcome to our site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Everyone here is awesome!

Jackie S

Thank you for all the warm welcomes. I feel better just getting on here & able to discuss things with others who understand. A co-worker/friend asked me to go for a walk during lunch & I jumped at it. We took it slow cause we both are a bit out of shape but I feel better. I know it also has to do with just getting out here & looking for support. I look forward to getting to know you guys. Thank you again.

So, here's what I hear (read):

You've been dealing with people doubting your pain for most of your life. You have a lot of ailments and you've probably learned to not complain or express how you really feel. You've taking a lot of medication on a daily basis and try your best to be "normal." You've been doing the hardest job known to human kind for years, and, despite your fatigue and pain and ailments, you continue to be a mom. And you aren't just a mom to your children. You have opened your home and heart to Pepper, Chester, Leo and Abby. And you're modest (thinking what you wrote was a book...).

And you're totally welcome here.

I look forward to learning more!

Wow! You guys are awesome. I really appreciate the support. Yes, I try to act normal and it is taxing. I remind my family about why I'm tired all the time. For the most part, they get it but it's still hard hearing from your children (especially when they were younger) "you're always tired". I wish I could do more for them but as the years go on, it gets harder & harder. They don't understand that I have to get through work to help support us.

Today was a good day. I think it helped to reach out to you guys for support and again I'm so appreciative!! I hope to be around at least a bit every night just to learn more & hopefully be there for others as well. Thank you again and I hope everyone had a good day today & tomorrow. :)