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Hello everyone ,is anyone was try Mood Stabilizer to get u fibro under control?


I know every one different ,but I take antidepressant already and afraid to get on Mood Stabilizer

i also find sometimes when I can have a pain but not so depressed

Any recommendation are welcome

Try to take magnesium malate total 2,400 per day and 400 magnesium,

any input please


I have never heard of a Moos Stablizer, has someone suggested it to you?


i did not heard this before
sometimes i am not depressed even i have pain like 5-6 Do you suffer depression just with (severe pain ) or even pain lessen U can be still depressed?


Any one heard about LDN ?low dose of naltrexone?

looking for feedback


I am on cymbalta, an antidepressant, and neurontin a mood stabilizer after a particularly difficult depressive episode. I continue to keep me a little more sane but also because this meds can help the Fibromyalgia. Recently started Norco for pain which I have fought hard not to take. I also have other immunesuppresant diseases of osteoarthritis complicated with osteoporosis. So with the acceptance of only excepting that there will only be a 30% help with the pain. For now it keeps me out of bed.

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