Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Hello Every one I am so excited to be back


I wanted to introduce myself to the new members and update everyone.
I have been moderating for awhile on our wonderful site. Last year my mother became sick and I took of to be with her and deal with my own health issues.
I am so excited to meet you all.

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Hello Purplebutterfly,
It’s nice to meet you also. I pray that you are having a blessed and awesome Sunday! Having a painful illness isn’t a very delightful feeling. So I’m sure things could be better in All our lives on here. But I pray we All can make the best of what we have. I myself have fibromyalgia and arthritis pain so sometimes it can be a little rough on the body but I’m still alive so I’m making the best I can of everyday. Hope to hear more from you soon. Have a awesome day!
Shirley :cherry_blossom:


Hi @purplebutterfly ,

It’s nice to meet you. I know you messaged me a little bit ago. I’m glad your here. I’m sorry your mom was sick. My mother has MS and I have had my health issues. It can be very difficult to watch your mom who was so vibrant deal with being sick as well as being sick yourself. I hope you and your mother feel better soon. I hope you have siblings who can also help. I am an only child but my step-dad is good. I pray you both get better soon.

Take care,


My mother passed in October of last year. I am also an only child. I have started back on most of the things I did before and am feeling better.


**Hello purplebutterfly,
I’m sorry too hear you lost your mom. I know how that is because I lost my mom some years ago but it still hurts sometimes. Hopefully you can get your health issues back together now. Have a blessed and awesome week!
Shirley :cherry_blossom:


I’m glad your feeling better. I’m sorry about your mom. It must have been hard and continue to be a challenge. My dad passed 2 years ago but we didn’t exactly have the closest relationship. Keeping your mind busy with things will help.



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