Heartburn, reflux, stomach burning

These mean too much acid, so I avoid all “acidic” foods & drinks.
Even things like fizzy drinks, strawberries and more than one tomato, but starting with coffee, alcohol, everything sour, spicy things, onion-like (chives, garlic, too), and minty, incl. even minimal seasoning/dressings, oily, fried and hot, too. It might help to raise the upper part of your bed. https://www.wikihow.com/Cure-Hyperacidity-Naturally
If I still get it, I get rid of it using a herb preparation called Gastritol or eating a small raw ungreen potato, chewing and insalivating it. Iberogast/STW5 is commonly used by people I know who don’t have a problem with peppermint. I don’t use antacids, because almost all meds have adverse effects on me. Eating an apple or drinking ginger tea doesn’t help me. One type of probiotic bacteria didn’t help either, haven’t tried basil or chewing cinnamon. I also have IBS. What works best there is psyllium with little water against the diarrhea.

Since I’ve realized I am dry all over (skin, mouth, sometimes eyes, throat, peeing a lot), I think that it’s not that I have too much acid, but rather too little water. This article explains how:
https://www.joyfulbelly.com/Ayurveda/article/How-Dryness-Causes-Burning-Sensations-Stomach-Ulcers/6393 It says eat more healthy fats, which I do (have too), but also more sweet things (which I’m not allowed to because of my blood fats), avoid celery, parsley & Cumin-Coriander-Fennel-Tea, because they are diuretic (I drink only soy drinks, bc pure water & teas act diuretic; oat and rice drinks give me heartburn).

Wow - JayCS. That is a LOT of food to avoid. I also have acid reflux issues and find that it is best NOT to eat anything after 6 or 7 pm. If necessary, I use a wedge (at the head of the bed) so I can sit partially elevated at night. If anyone wants the the link to the one I used (purchased on Amazon), just let me know!

Yeah, and fairly vegan muesli & a lot of raw veg and wholemeal bread. Then because of fibro I tried gluten-free, then low-carb as suggested, was pleased when it didn’t help, but now because of my hyperlipidemia it has to be a “Mediterranean diet” meaning more nuts, soy and less fruit & sugars (& simple carbs). It gets on my nerves for a few weeks every time I feel I have to restrict myself even more…
Thanx for reminding to stop eating at 7 pm! I should be more disciplined there. How many hours before sleep is that? I’ve got to restructure for work next week anyway…
Your wedge is IN bed, not under it, is that right? My back probably wouldn’t like that… O.o

LOL, well 7pm could be anywhere from 4 to 7 hours before sleep, in my case - probably more, in yours! Now you’ve made me laugh twice today, which I will place in my “laugh therapy” account (I don’t get enough of it these days!).
Yes, wedge is in bed. I used to always slip down it, in my sleep, waking with my neck in a weird angle (not good for a neck with hardware!), then read that others also had this problem. Putting a (rough feeling) towel under both the wedge and myself helped with this, but understandably not as comfortable as sleeping on the sheet…