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Does anyone out there have hearing problems. Not the normal kind where you don’t understand some of what is being said or ringing in your ears or just losing your hearing, the first two of which I have. But do you have problems with certain sounds actually going through you, making you cringe? Not loud sounds but sounds like dishes clanking together or certain people clapping, female Rebel yells, certain sneezing, certain voices just vibrating through your head, crowds cheering, etc. If you do, other than cotton in your ears (which you can’t walk around with all the time), what do you do to deal with it?


I wear cotton in my ears, I do not care that I do & staying away, if possible from those sounds. I won’t go to a casino again. I can barely stand gas powered lawnmowers, rapid gun fire or bursting bombs on movies, accidental screeching on plates when a person is cutting up their meat. My cha-hoo-ah-hoo-ah & Granddoggie’s barking I allow them to bark maybe 10 to 15 sec & then I shout above them Enough, Unnecessary Noise, Stop, Headache.
Love, Light & Peace…