Head sweats

Does anyone else suffer from head sweats? They start when I am doing something or get warm. My face flushes and my head starts to sweat profusely. It drips down my face within a minute, like I'd run a few miles. My hair gets soaked. Can last from 5-20 minutes. Have to wrap a bandana around my hair while shopping up and down grocery store aisles. Even tried putting my head in the freezers.

Any tips on coping? What is the cause of my head getting so hot?

Mine started when I began Cymbalta. Dr. asked me if the benefits outweighed the negative and I said yes. I am still taking it.

Tramadol gives me head sweats. Menopause can do that to, if your close to that stage of life.

Past that landmark. Seems only to happen when moving around. Maybe Cymbalta related.

Any help tips for remaining cool?

I have to crank the a/c up, drink lots of ice water or herbal tea. My hair is long so I shower and then braid it wet. It keeps me cooler. I know that sounds wierd but it works for me. I avoid spicy foods too. They make me sweat more, as well as anything with caffiene in it, or hot drinks.

Dear Linda,

I know that many have this problem, however I am the one in the grocery store bundled up even in the summer! Could be a med, could be hormonal. Talk to your Dr to make sure, rather than guess! Hope you can get some help with this very soon!



Linda, I've googled Cymbalta and sweating and quite a few people suffer from this side effect. I'm not a doctor so can't say that this is the cause of your sweating, but Cymbalta is tied to excessive sweating. There's another thread on this topic where I found some tips for coping. If you look back over the past few pages you should find the thread.

Omg I thought it was just me! I am fine when I’m just lounging around the house but when I get to work I’m there 5 mins and I’m sweating. Its awful! Or when I volunteer for sports games it’s bad. Its more awful there. I feel like people are looking at me like ewww what’s up with her! And if I start sweating and I go outside its fine…but then the minute I go back in the building it starts again! It’s soon freaking weird!

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Do you get goosebumps on your arms at this time also? I can be sweating and freezing at the same time. So embarrassing, i dont want to go anywhere because I can be sitting in a chair and it starts.