Haven't been here for a while

Hi everyone. I have missed you all but I have been having a lot of health issues and sometimes it’s hard for me to get online and share. I’m trying to figure out if the fatigue and weakness is caused from Fibro or something else. I am also dealing with my IBD issues which have caused me to seriously think about going to the ER, but I hate the hospital here, and that stopped that thought in its tracks.
I had a dead tree cut down and let me tell you…my sinus’s did NOT like that at all. I didn’t think I was ever going to feel good again! I made the mistake of not putting on a mask while raking up all the dead leaves, etc. I did take the shavings and put them in my planter box for mulch. Our temps have been in the 3 digits, fires all around us and a lot of smoke which has not helped at all.
My depression hasn’t been very helpful either.
I do hope you are all doing better than I’ve been!! I hate complaining! So I apologize for that! The biggest light in my life is that I am going to be a great grama again to another baby boy! And of course, Sady May is the biggest light in my life. I just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten you all and praying all is well with each and everyone of you! Sending hugs to all.


Hi gramybear
So lovely to hear from you again as I think about you often. I am sorry you are having such a rough time. How do you cope with such high temperatures? Although fires are all around you I do hope your home and family are safe from them.You have so much to put up with your health issues it is not surprising your depression has been saying hellow a lot more. When will you be a great grama again? That is something to look forward to. I pray things will settle down for you soon. People often say to me ‘be kind to yourself and rest’ is that possible for you to do?


Hello gray bear,

Well you certainly have your hands full between your health issues along with what is going on around you. I’m sure it is very overwhelming in many ways.

Sometimes I think my trying not to let the big picture overwhelm you take each issue and work on one at a time.

Even if it is possible to get away and visit family or a friend just to get yourself away from what is going on outside your home.

My grandma taught me as a young boy she always said “ You can do this “ she taught me so much is mindset and I guess from what she taught me was to never give in to all the crap happening to oneself.
She taught me to concentrate on everything I have control of and concentrate on those things. Since you can’t control all those environmental things going on outside I guess it’s best not to waste your energy on those things because they will only bring you further down.
Also, my grandma dealt with horrible arthritic pain and didn’t have insurance. She spent some of her time volunteering and I asked her why she did so much volunteering. Her reply was, well honey by giving myself to help others it helps me deal with my crippling pain. She said when In Helping either feed the hungry or the other things I do it helps me forget my pain and warms my heart.

I guess we each have our own certain situations and how we approach them and what we do to change our routine to get out of our rut can be so helpful pay and mentally.

Wishing you the strength and hope to find your happy place today no matter how small it is.


Thank you so much for your reply and support!! Hugs

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Thank you! Sending you hugs and love.

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I miss you Gramybear! I was worried about you. So sorry this has been a difficult year for you. Keep your fur baby close to your heart. She’s a little thing so even though walks are important, tiny walks work for tiny dogs. Please wear a filter mask when you go outside. And only go out for a short time. Sady May has little lungs. Giving her big love and attention will make her very happy! Miss you!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2::dog2:. Freedom

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I miss you too!! Thank you for caring, it means a lot to me. We lost another town of over 1000 people up north. These fires are so devastating and there doesn’t seem to be an end. I’m learning rather quickly how much stress plays a part in my health issues. I try not to stress but that is easier said than done. Sady May doesn’t seem to mind just stepping out the front door to take care of business when it’s too hot or too smoky. It’s okay in the morning so we go early for her one long walk. She seems to be content with that. And love? Oh, she gets a lot of that!! Love and Hugs

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Gramybear! Great to hear from you. I haven’t been around here much either: between special projects and routine work and personal holidays, my days never seem to have enough hours.

I’m so glald that you and Sady May are getting along well. You definitely deserve to have found each other, and I’m glad you did. How is that hand of yours?

Thanks for letting us know how you are, and that you haven’t forgotten about us. We haven’t forgotten about you!