Have you heard of or tried "symptometry"?

Has anyone heard of or tried symptometry? I am trying to find more info before deciding whether I should attend a symposium this Sat. I would appreciate any info you could give me -Thank you!

Here's what I found about it's founder, Dr. Nartey. It sounds like a PR blurb, so I don't know how accurate it is:

Dr. Maxwell Nartey is the founder of symptometry. He is a therapeutic scientist and a licensed symptometrist. He tracks down every symptom to its underlying cause in congested, inflamed and tattered cells. Then, he provides root cause treatment by decongesting and by nourishing the cells.

He holds a doctorate in natural health; and also, he is a trained doctor of homoeopathic medicine with a solid background in cell biology, anatomy, physiology, naturopathy, nutrition, echocardiography, clinical sciences, quantum physics and pharmacology as well as in vaccines, microbiology and food science. He is a fellow at the British Institute of Homoeopathy, England.

What's puzzling me is how he's going to track fibro down to its underlying cause since its still unknown. And how do you decongest cells? By giving then Claratin? Ok, bad joke, sorry.

OK, I'm trying to google it right now to find out more through neutral sources. It's not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Odd, that's all I could find out about them, other than that their methods seem to revolve around special diets and how to "properly" cook the food.

Sorry to not be of more help

Please listen to what Pet Girl has to say! There are so many quacks out there and you really need to be careful! There is no harm in going to the Symposium, but Pet brought up a good point, and that is how in the world can this 'doctor' track down the Fibro mystery as it's still so new and still being studied. We have no definitive answers yet. I don't believe there is any such thing as decongesting cells. I don't know what this has to do with Fibro either. Also be leery of the fact that there is no Better Business Bureau involved. Just be careful! Laurie

Watch out for frauds that claim they can cure fibro or any other disease. Get the facts before you give them a dime.


Hi FibroChou,

This sounds fascinating! I think this would be a captivating learning experience for anyone who wants better health. The founder is extremely impressive, and the fact that they aim at DNA has my attention. My friend that I worked with for 6 years was cured of cancer through a new gene therapy, she already had to have this existing rare gene in her body, which luckily she did, and she was nearly a stage 4 patient, and looks better than I have ever seen her. This knowledge either came from NIH or Johns Hopkins, can't remember which, perhaps both!

If you read Back to Eden by Jethro Klauss, he discusses congestion of the body, and how it slows down the entire system, I don't understand the cellular part, but if the pesticides in the grass that cows eat show up in the baby's DNA from drinking the milk, then I guess it's worth a second thought.

Pet may be totally right, I may be totally wrong, but if I lived in Illinois, you couldn't keep me away! Just learn all you can before you get your wallet out, my friend!

Please, if you go, let me know all about it! I'm very interested! I take a biologic, and I'm sure it was an unbelievable new drug, AMA approved or not, these are supposed to be the drugs of the future, they go right to the very cell where they are needed, surpassing all of the systems of the body where the side effects take place!

Glad you posted this, I'm really going to dig into this!

Wishing you well,


MaryGrace has a degree in homeopathic nursing, she may know much more than I about this. I asked allergic about it too, she's an AMA nurse, who also uses much of the natural approach.

i live in town where we have beautiful mountain...2nd highest in lower US. Sadly, many people have turned it into place to con people that it has special powers to heal and come here stating they have healing powers or things like guy says on his web page and the mountain enhances it with it's power. Price is always very high for classes and all have no real science behind it.

I think it sad that people take advantage of those of us that are sick by promising to have ways to cure us. I think a good clue is when they claim to be able to cure more than one disease. Even if they said they can cure or have great success rates with all cancers would make me suspicious unless they provide science behind it.

So always do research behind it...you can even often look just on Wikipedia and it will give you great info and other links about it same with CDC. Wikipedia had nothing about this symptometry or the doctor behind it...which kind of makes you wonder about credibility.

Just be very careful and never spend money you can not afford to lose on treatments with no science behind them. If you have extra money than i say go ahead what do you have to lose...and the power of the brain is amazing so if you think something is working it might for at least a while. Though if it is ingesting anything...i say still be cautious as it can have negative effects with your body or drugs you are taking so always check that out with independant source. Never just believe site or person behind it if they say it has not drug interactions....have them prove it.



If ever I am unable to get or take my current meds, or tolerate them, I would be extensively exploring this. It probably would not hurt to do so anyway, if you are truly interested, I would never encourage people to stop meds, or treatment, but with the changing climate of private practice to socialized medicine, things may change, I would certainly never imply there was no other way to try to be in better health.

I had honestly not heard of it until tonight, so know little of it, but after digging around a while, i still find it very interesting. Considering the AMA drugs I take and the fact that my liver is checked every 2 months to make sure I am still able to tolerate these meds, a diet for my liver sounds like it would be of interest to me to nourish my liver and help my arthritis.

My husband stopped having migraines when I threw away his 'MSG', and he has high blood pressure too. Petunia's article about salt was also very interesting, and has encouraged me to turn back to unprocessed salts.

Check this first paragraph out!


Take it with a grain of salt… Whatever that means… I guess ANY INFO. can’t be bad… Just be smart! There is SO much info. out there on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue… Just don’t ‘buy’ the ‘cure’ that some people try to sell you… At least that’s how I feel… Been there, done that… I feel STRESS is our biggest enemy. Learning HOW to manage stress will be the BEST ‘medicine’ you could give yourself…

Thank you, everyone, for the input! I am both interested and skeptical. I tried to research online but there isn't much about this doctor or the treatment. I am still not sure if I should go to the symposium since it's 6hrs long and they provide only 'light' lunch (I need to eat a lot to stay conscious). The cost to attend it is only $25 but I am teaching on the same day, so I would have to cancel lessons and lose about $250 (that's a lot of loss for me). I don't want to lose that income to find out it is another scam or something ineffective treating FM. I am tired of spending most of my income on my medical treatments and feeling no difference or even worse.

I am interested in this treatment because I do actually feel my cells being shrinking/squeezed/dying esp. during flareups. I've complained about this to many doctors but they didn't know what it meant. Does anyone have this sensation???

Dr.Abbott who studied with Dr.Nartey is practicing in my city, so I may contact him later. I will post later when I find more out on this treatment.

Thank you so much for the info on salt! It explains why my husband gets sick (upset stomach, nausea, lethargy) after eating out at a restaurant (esp.when he eats salty dishes). It also explains why I crave salt- I didn't know why for many years. I always felt that good salt gives me energy, however, when I eat restaurants' food, I feel more pain and fatigued. We use sea, Hymalayan and Celtic salts at home for cooking.

I found this information about "particulates" used in symptometry. Seems that this symptometry is homeopathic based approach to healing.


I do agree with Diana regarding the stress factor in our lives. Without addressing that, our bodies will have a difficult time balancing out of the disease state. Hopefully, if you attend the meeting, you will come away with some knowledge and deeper understanding of how your body works. That's never a waste.

Thank you, allergic for finding this. I visited this website but missed this info! Treatments using particulates sound promising.

i actually think that visualization would do you more good since you said how you feel your cells are dying etc. Many people use it to visualize killing the cancer cells where you could do opposite and build up your health cells.

Plus it is tried and proven to really help and i am positive be much cheaper than other ....has no science. Even homeopathy has science behind it and how it works. Homeopathic is normally done for very specific symptoms than doctor tries to work with healing those symptoms.

There are many books, CD's and classes you can take on it....great for stress and I have yet to meet anyone who did not like it as long as decent teacher ran the class.

sure american cancer society could set you up with some classes in your area since it is often used for cancer.

Just another option......plus be much cheaper than losing 250 plus 25....and who knows how much books etc are going to costs...i never known these guys to be cheap. Just be cautious

Hi Fibrochow,

I am not that familiar with Homeopathic medicine, but from the info given me by allergic and Renie, on this, here is what I think. Please keep in mind that I am not a Doctor.

If it were me interested in this type of treatment, I would find a highly recommended Homeopathic Physician in my area, with a permanent office, an established practice, who is affiliated with more recognizable medical colleges.

I am very open to all forms of treatment, as I know that the AMA meds and procedures just do not work for everyone, I'm for what works, but being very careful of where you go, and who you go to.

I know a gal who suffered something like IBS, who commutes to the city for a high profile position with a major Insurance Co, she was referred to a superstar Homeopathic Dr, who mixed something up for her right in his office, and she NEVER had any further problems. I have lost touch with her during my illness, but last I talked to her, she was still taking this med, and had no further problems what so ever. She speaks very highly of this physician and his abilities. She was even talking about taking her small son to him.

I hope this is all has been of help to you, and I hope that you can find relief and comfort.

Wishing you well,


Sk - wow, I would like to meet that superstar homeopathic Dr! Can homeopathic medicine treat FM and other pain conditions? I used to have IBS but I've completely eliminated it with gluten-free diet. Please let me know if you remember the doctor's name!

syskiya, I agree. Visualization really helps. I do visualization and meditation all the time and that's how I manage my FM and nerve pain. I used to be bed-ridden but I work 6 days a week. I also don't get sick from colds or flu because I visualize my body killing germs and viruses. It hasn't really worked on sleep, though. I have a real problem relaxing at night. My cortisol level is completely reversed from night to day (it's supposed to be high upon waking and low at night to regulate sleep). I'll keep working on visualizing my sleep but it's difficult when I don't look forward to sleeping because of the nightmares. I do also visualize having good dreams but it doesn't work for some reason. I almost feel that my dreams are controlled by someone else or something else.

I am going to look into this further before trying anything new.