Have you been drinking?

Hi everyone. Hope things are going well. Had a good day yesterday. As you already know oh too well payment for a good day is at least 2 really bad days. I was reading on someone's discussion about falling, turned out theres was due to meds. I've been doing this more and more in the last five years. I know it wasn't do to meds because I only recently found out I had fibro. Ok so I have only fallen a few times in the last 5 years but I've had hundreds of near missis. Walking on a completely flat non slip floor, I trip and then catch myself. I don't trip over anything it's like some time one of my feet legs gets out of rythum. Its like my body studderes. I also walk into walls all day everyday. In my own home, that I know like the back of my hand. I do it while working on clients in the salon. Run into walls and furniture while tripping over your own feet. I know they think I've been drinking or doing drugs. Luckily my ability to do amazing hair has not wavered;) If you add on the fact that I'm always saying something and forget a word, or even worse totally loose my train of though and have no idea what I was even talking about. I feel like an idiot most of the time. I let there hair do all the saving face for me. My husband says to me, have you been drinking which is more of a joke then a implication. I'll tell him I wish. He just thinks I'm ditzy jeeze I just thought I was ditzy, or getting dementia really early. Btw I'm 38 so it would be really early for alzetimrs. Then I was told I had fibro and I did a bunch of googling and I found out that this problem would fall into the symtoms area. Fibro fog. Tell me your if you get this too, how do you deal with it.

Hi Cindi

Yes I am the same. Have taken a few serious falls. And have run into walls. Don't make a big thing about it as I find it very imbarasing. But talking with people makes me feel better. Knowing I am not the only one is a comfort. Hang in there hun.



Hi Cindi - Yes, I get 'firbo fog' all the time - particularly when I haven't slept well.....which seems to be most of the time.

I have been falling down a bit too the past year. I can also be really unsteady on my feet and look like I am drunk.....which

is embarassing if I am in public! So happy you are here on this site. I just joined a couple of days ago. Laurie


Do you ever feel dizzy. Just asking cause I have this problem and it turns out its due to compressed discs in my neck. What you are describing sounds like Fibro fog and fatigue. I can totally relate to the walking into things. Happens to me all the time. I have also heard others talk about the tripping and falling. Probably should talk to you doc to be sure.



hi yes i have fibro fog and i am often tripping and falling especialy in public and yes its embarassing but you have to take it in your stride and acept it , these things are part of fibro and unfortunatley will still be here for the rest of our lives you will learn to cope with it and laugh too hang on in there , its not as bad as it first seems

gentle hugs


I haven't fell yet, but I certainly get that feeling where my legs don't want to walk correctly. Sometimes one leg will get weak feeling and shaky (spasms?). I know I will eventually fall, but at least I may be able to tell when it will happen. Hopefully. I do get fibro fog a lot. I can't remember anything without writing it down. It's really annoying because I feel like a zombie or as if I am just fixed in one position. People also think I have been drinking, taking pills, or have mental issues. Not many people know what I have to deal with. I have explained to family. My kids understand, but others don't. I wonder...if my legs feel this way, would a cane be useful? Just an added question.

I would say the best thing to do is explain why you are acting that way. If you stumble, then just laugh it off as if you are just clumsy. I usually try to find humor in horrible situations. It's just the way I handle things. Best wishes to you!


Susan H

Welcome Laurie, I too am pretty new too. Thank you everyone it’s always good to know we are not alone.


Hi Cindi

yes this is a common problem. Dizziness, loss of balance particularly in the shower. Bumping into walls and tripping. All part of this condition. I am much older than you but I make sure that I take calcium to try to prevent broken ones. barbs

Wow…I just read this and thought I wrote your post…This has made my day all the things you talked about is me…even more interesting I am a hairdresser too ! My kids have noticed when I go to talk it doesn’t come out the way I expected it to…my husband just thinks I am crazy after 38 yrs he is used to me…I have fallen so many times I now have a torn meniscus and I need surgery…Thank you for you info I now know I am okay…I was diagnosed with Psa first and went to a new Dr and he told me I have Fibro and gave me Cymbalta and it has helped a lot …but today I went to the grocery store and had the same pain and could barely walk through the store and forgot most of the things I went for…When I am in that much pain my brain goes blank and I just want to get home. Thanks again.

I am new to Fibro also. Trying to put all of my symptoms in place. A year ago, I was falling on my face, bouncing off the walls, mostly at night. I did notice once I quit taking Wellbutrin, SOME of this did go away, but for me it all comes and goes from time to time, Might not have anything for a few weeks, then bad for 2-4 days to 2-4 weeks.

hi its probably better than we think.i had one bad disease than another popped up than again and again.so hope no more pop up for both of us. drs have really been terrible.they started the problems with bad drugs and i took them.

Oh heck, YEAH, Cindi! I never even think about it anymore because I've fallen SO MANY times, and had bazillion of near misses. I do have some problems with peripheral vision due to a lazy eye but holy cow, I don't think it can be responsible for the sheer number of falls/near falls I've had. Like you, my feet just stutter sometimes. They do seem to fall out of rhythm. (And I can't dance because I can't get my legs to follow what my mind tells them.)

I also run into walls and furniture. Ouch, that hurts! Always seems to hit my elbow or funny bone. Who moved those walls and put them in my way???

You deserve a lot of credit for being a very talented hairdresser. Thank heavens that your creative mind isn't affected by your fibro. That's a definite plus!

Yeah, I also lose words and forget what I'm thinking. My son calls me a ditz, which is true but it also hurts a bit, too.

So Cindi, you are not alone in your fibro fog or falling. It's a pain in the bottom and we have to be extra careful to make sure we don't end up flat on our faces. Or our butts, hee hee.


Yes, a cane does help. I have one and use it on bad days. Sometimes I'm hanging from it, looking like I'm standing sideways and just barely able to stay up.

I hope you get into your doctor this week and get some good pain relief. Your doc can't leave you without it during the holidays. Please try to impress upon them that you def. need the relief in order to function at home.

Hugs to you!


Thanks for sharing, everyone. Never feel like your comment is redundant - I know for me it feels like a poll of friends, and I feel less alone when I know that my misery has miserable company (that is, I'm not crazy all by myself).

BTW, I go to an aqua Arthritis class at the YMCA, which is also designed to help with other problems like Fibro. The designers of the national lesson plans for this class have become so concerned about the falling problem that they've added a section where we practice falling and regaining our balance. So others have noticed our plight. I'm very grateful - the practice has really helped me several times. Stepping off curbs seems to be my special bug-bear.

I just wish it was from drinking! I'm facing my 6th New Years' Eve with sparkling apple juice because alcohol doesn't mix with my drugs. Those of you who can, please have a drink for me, a wonderful New Year's Eve, and a New Year's Day that's flare-free.

Love and soft hugs to all.

Thanks everyone. I I’ve read that this is a symtom but I just like to hear from actual people who live these symtoms.rather then Reading what medical experts say are the symtoms. I’d much rather have people who can relate tell me first had then read third handed from the experts, who may I add get there information from us right. It’s funny they act like they discovered this desease. But it’s been around forever, I’m sure it’s what my grandma suffered from. I was always told she was a hypocondract. We who live with it is how they get there information.

I am a stylist as well. I have been blessed enough to cut my days down to three days a week,cuz I felt my fogs, pain, and exhaustion was taking my passion for hair from me.
At home, I literally bounce off walls, especially in a certain hallway like one of those arcade games.
This morning I fell so bad, my hips both hurt.
As it is just me and my daughtet, she just laughs at me.
At work, we have done some re arranging to clear my path to our backroom too.
Oye, these fogs! My clients are used to me being slow too, and losing my train of thought.

Thanks everyone for posting this info …I just read some of the info to my husband and he actually listened and sort of understood that it it is not just me…other people have the same problems…Hoping that 2013 brings everyone a good healthy New Year!

No Dizziness, but yes to the walking into things, bumping into the wall, finding bruises and then remmeber oh yeah i did run into the side of the door frame... The fog really is bad - especially when I am sleep deprived. I am a "type A' personality so for those of you out there who are can certainly understanding not being able to "shut down ". It's hard for me to just "stop". It's takes me being really ill to sit down and relax. The longer i sit the stiffer I get. I wish there was more interest in research for this illness. I hate taking pain meds for lots of reasons. I only take if absolutely necessary. The winter is so hard on me. Especially the drastic change in temp that happens from week to week in the Cincinnati area.

Here's hoping 2013 is a better year for everyone and their symptoms.

Gentle Hugs to ALL!!

Oh, yea! You are not alone Cindi.