Has anyone tried this for Fibromyalgia


I recently came across this website (https://wakeupwithoutpain.com/) and for the first time I felt that the explanation given in the videos here makes sense to me. But then again the treatment plan is a paid one. I live in India, and I haven’t been in a full time job because of Fibro for over 6 years now, so I dont’ want to spend in dollars unless I am absolutely certain that the treatment will work. I’ve paid so many doctors for a decade in vain already.

I’ve watched all 4 videos. He suggests a few tests for conclusive diagnosis on Fibro…One of them was EEG. I remember I had an EEG test a decade ago when I was in the frenzy of trying to get to the bottom of the diagnosis for pain. The EEG test did have some issue. The doctors in India don’t explain the problem in detail, so all the neurophysician did was give me pills which didn’t do much.

I seriously want to give the treatment suggested in this link a go, but want to know if anyone has heard of it or had any success… please let me know if you or anyone you know has tried this. I almost cried watching the videos because for the first time I felt it made sense.



I have never heard of an EEG for diagnosis of FMS. I have done a nerve conductor test, which was negative on me, even though I have every sign of FMS. The EEG measures the brainwaves, as you know, since FMS is basically a “miscommunication” of the brain and nerves, it could possibly work, but I don’t think anything is 100% reliable. The most reliable test is the trigger points; some say there are 18, some 21. I do not know anything about medicine in India, here in the US, MRI’s are used quite often because many of us have back/spine and other problems that cause pain. I do use chiropractic and acupuncture, which has really benefited me.


I agree with Deborah. I have never heard of this pain site, and never heard of an EEG showing indications of FM. I would be suspicious.


Hello Blessed1 I am a retired nurse who also suffers from FM and I also have never heard of E.E.G being used to diagnose FM I would be careful of any suggestions unless recommended by your GP or Consultant.


Sorry Blessed put your name on my reply by mistake meant to put Ruchis.


I did not watch the videos in the link above. However, prior to my Dx of FMS I had an EEG with a finding of ‘inconclusive’. The neurologist said there was an anomaly in my brain wave activity, but that he wasn’t sure what, if anything, it indicated. I was there because I had been suffering horrible olfactory hallucinations for several months and neither my GP nor the ENT had found a cause.

It would be interesting to to know if brain wave activity is similar in other FMS sufferers.


I’ve been a Fibro sufferer for 20+ years. Finally diagnosed about 7 years ago. Ive never heard of this either. But… I’m all about getting a definitive diagnosis so you can get the proper care. So whatever it takes, if you can afford it, do it. I was misdiagnosed with MS for many years. I gave myself a muscle injection every week for 5 years and also suffered the side effects of that. I finally stopped when I couldn’t face that needle anymore. Then another Neurologist said I didn’t have MS and didn’t know why I had all the symptoms. Finally I was diagnosed with ocular Myasthenia and FMS. Now I get meds for the double vision and an
understanding of all the other junk that goes with this illness. I hope you get a diagnosis soon for whatever it is and if it is Fibro. You have a great support group here. God bless you in your journey :slight_smile: