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Has anyone tried reiki for fibro pain?


I have called about 20 rheumatologist in my area and none of them treat fibro. Most said there is no treatment for fibro and that most people are looking for opioids for pain relief, which they won’t give. Drs are very anti-opioids these days.

So, has anyone had any luck trying Reiki for pain?


Yes it works!! Took all my pain away for a day


So, you would have to pay to do it everyday? Did you continue?


None of my 5 doctors have mentioned it. I do not even know what it is ! I will research it on the web. If its something I can do myself, i will try it. If I have to pay for it, that leaves me out. If anyone has done Reiki with success (or failure) please post. :slight_smile: carolyn


I get it once a week or so , but it’s worth trying for you


Does it significantly help you? If yes, in what what way?


Takes all my pain away

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My primary manages my fibro meds except my pain meds and I go to a pain clinic for that. I live in Indiana now, when I lived in California the pain clinic managed all my fibro and pain meds and my primary only managed my other medications. My Rheumatologist has only talked about managing my arthritis.

Reiki is a wonderful form of energy work and I haven’t had a treatment in years simply because I can’t afford it but you can do it on yourself if you learn how.


Can I ask where in Indiana you live? I live in Indiana, too and am looking for good docs.


I live at DeMotte Indiana and my Dr is in Rensselaer as is my pain clinic. I lucked out because I came here from California and the pain clinic there was absolutely awesome getting my meds figured out and the Dr here just continued them and makes adjustments as needed.