Has anyone tried a Butranz patch? Or naltrexone?

I have been seeing my pain doctor since February which was referred to me after my PCP was unable to help. I’ve been on tramadol since February and I have told him since that time that it has not helped. He said he is a conservative doctor, against opiates and so continued to adjust Lyrica to the level I’m now on, 450 mg, no nerve pain, it’s done wonders, but I’m still in constant muscle pain and my upper back, shoulder, hip and pelvic area esp are constantly in pain. Even though two weeks ago he started me on Lorzone ( muscle relaxer). I’m done trying to deal with it alternative ways, for the past 3 years I’ve done chiropractor, massage, physical therapy, heat, cold, you name it, I’m on low sugar, low caffeine anti inflammatory, fibromyalgia diet. I don’t want to get hooked on a patch at 39 yrs old ( this is the next med my doctor mentioned we could try if none of this stuff worked). Now I have a rash all over the top of my body where I’ve been using the volteren cream for the pain. Does the patch work? I also saw a study that low dose Naltrexone is the most widely effective medication for fibro pain. Who is on this? Please advise. I’m a hospice nurse and now transferring over to work as a hospital nurse because I can’t do the emotional job or the on call any more but how am I going to work 13 hrs in a hospital setting if I feel like this?.
I have a 3 yr old and a 10 yr old and I had my first fibro flar after I had my first child that went away when I had a pain block in my spine when my 10 yr old was 4 and then came back with a vengeance when I got pregnant with my second. I always wonder if it was related to the stress of the pregnancy/lactation or my emotional stress.


i think this is some very good info to read about if one is interested. i have heard about naltrexone over 20 years ago when i was seeing a speicialist for FM, CFIDS,(CFS/ME). i did try LDN( low dose naltrexone) but i dont remember about it.

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My GP when I lived in Longview, TX put me on the Butranz patch. She found a program that got them for me for free as long as I had insurance. ::: scratches head::: You'd think the people without insurance would need that more than the ones that had it. This was before Obamacare came into being. Anyway--I tried it and within 30 minutes, my left knee joint started hurting. I noticed what looked like 4 day old bruises around it. I called my doctors office, left a message and within 3 minutes my doctor called me back (this was on a weekend) and told me to take it off and NEVER use it again. Apparently, I had an allergic reaction to it. Read all the side effects that could happen and watch out for them if you do try this. I've since had issues with my left knee that I never had before trying this stuff.

I don't know anything about Naltrexone. I'm currently on Hydrocodone and had to sign my life away, again, on my last visit to the doc. Seems the DEA finally got the FDA to agree to the restrictions on this medication and how it's prescribed. (HMMMMM, maybe THAT'S why I briefly see a WiFi connection for "FBI Surveillance 2" on my cell phone? LOLOL)

Good luck with the meds.

thanks guys for the info! I'm seeing my MD on Tuesday and want to be prepared. i'm so tired of the pain. I just want to be done with it. He put me on Lorzone muscle relaxer two weeks ago, i broke out in a rash all over my arms and upper chest/back, it itches on and off, and Im nauseated now on and off, but I have nothing for pain except that and the ultram he has had me on since Feb that doesn't work, which i have constantly told him! all he had done has increased my lyrica to 450 mg which yes has totally helped, but im still 8/10 constant achy pain, stiff, ugh. what is wrong with me???