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Has anyone taken muscle relaxers, and Gabapentin?

I take baclofen and they stop the leg and muscle cramps.

I feel nothing really takes the pain completely away the just seem to make things shareable.

I have tried them. They did not help me and the side effects gave me only more issues.

Has anyone tried CBD? Very helpful.

I am on 2400 mg Gabapentin and 30 mg Baclofen. The Gabapentin was prescribed to address the leg and foot issues I had prior to my surgery last year. The pain management doctor has kept me on it because of the continuing severity of back and hip pain. I have gained a LOT of weight on it.

Like others have mentioned, see if there’s financial aid available to you. Taking the finances off the table will help reduce your stress levels. I know that stress triggers all my pain areas at once. It’s not a good feeling.

I tried CBD with no help. it made me very nauseated. I used Lyrica and two weeks, but felt absolutely no difference and was not willing to continue gained 19 pounds in 10 days. Dr. changed that to Gabapentin. I only took it ashort time as it also causes gaining weight. Cortisone helped greatly but caused osteoporosis which Dr. said it would. I took several Norco a day which helped, but new dr. said YOU ARE ADDICTED and took it all away.
So now i am taking ibuprofen, had some nerves cauterized and have a thyroid problem, on a really low dose of levothyroxine. I think every person reacts differently to meds - so you are the only one who knows. doctors get their info out of books… you have to speak up and tell them what you feel and how you react to meds. I personally am at wits end and very sad I am unable to do so many things. I take 2 mg of Xanax at bedtime and that does help me sleep. Muscle relaxants like Flexoril have no effect on me at all.

I take gabapentin, I’ve had no side effects that I noticed, but I was instructed to take it at night. So if it makes me have Fibro Fog, I wouldn’t noticed because it’s at night. I’m allowed 4 pills but I take only what I feel I need. I’m allowed 6 tramadol during the day but again I take the least I can to get me by. Interesting that Lyrica has helped many of you. I had a friend who took Lyrica for RA but for her, it helped with pain but her side effects were so bad she could barely walk. I had no side effects at all but it also did not help a lick. We all react so differently to meds…everyone’s body chemistry is so different.
Even among Fibro sufferers, there’s a huge difference. Some seem to have a “light” case, others much worse. Personally I had to give up my career 8 years ago, and even some people I know with Fibro don’t understand that. You are you, your pain is your pain, and just because someone else, even someone who has this, doesn’t get it doesn’t make YOU crazy!
I’ve been curious for some time if there are other conditions that occur along with Fibro frequently. I have hypothryoidism and migraines, and the few people I know personally who have Fibro often seem to have these two things as well. Do any of you have other things happening like this?
I can also relate to people who don’t have Fibro not “getting it”. My mom, who is gone now, was ALWAYS supportive and never, ever questioned my pain and fatigue. But when she got cancer and was wiped out from chemo and such, she did tell me “I always tried to understand your fatigue, but honestly I just thought you were really tired. Now that I’m experiencing real fatigue for the first time in my life, I see it’s WAY more than just ‘being tired’. I had to feel it to really understand.” It meant a lot to me that she said that.
I have a brother who really means well but he has a “power through it” attitude, and he just doesn’t get that if I overdo it on one day, I will pay for it the next. I’ve never heard him say the words “my sister has Fibromyalgia.” He’s supportive at times and frustrating at times! I know he means well so I have just accepted that this is just how he is…I know he loves me and I think he has sort of an inability to accept that there is something wrong with his sister that he cannot fix. He’s a fixer. I think he feels powerless against this and that drives him nuts. I just try to be patient and explain to him that I’ve already tried some of his suggestions, they don’t work for me, etc.
Muscle relaxers…yes I take Flexeril as needed. I don’t take it often. If I do, I take it at night as I feel tired and foggy if I take it during the day. I don’t find it helps that much with everyday Fibro pain anyway. I do have some terrible pain from back problems, which may or may not be made worse by my Fibro, I don’t know…but when the back pain is bad enough, I will take the Flexeril and I don’t care if it makes me sleepy or feel like my brain is foggy. I guess I’m deciding day by day if it’s worth it to feel kind of out of it.
I’m so sorry for all of you who have problems with Dr’s. I have been blessed with great Dr’s both in the place where I lived when I was diagnosed, and after I quit my career and moved back to my home town. If you have a choice of Dr’s, find one that gets it. To me that is the biggest deal of all…you won’t get meds that work for you from a Dr who thinks it’s all in your head or doesn’t understand Fibro.
I’m interested to hear what everyone takes to help with sleep as new drug laws have forced me to choose between my Valium, which has always helped me sleep, or my Tramadol for pain. I chose the Tramadol. I haven’t run out of Valium yet and I’m terrified I won’t sleep once I do. We have drug abusers to thank for all these new laws that keep meds away from the people who desperately need them. My Dr is so apologetic every time he has to take away one of my prescriptions, but I know there’s nothing he can do, he has to abide by the laws.

Do you find your scalp itching? Mine has driven me nuts!!

Yes, my scalp itches all the time. I try so hard not to scratch. I’m also losing my hair. I don’t know what is causing that and I have too many issues right now to try to figure it out.

I took gabapentin for several years and I was almost pain free, until I needed an increased dose, and my doctor upped by dose from 1600mg a day to 2400 a day, which was awful and made me very loony. (I think the increase was way too much.) So my doctor took me off and prescribed Cymbalta, which didn’t help at all.

For the past 23 years I’ve taken gabepentin 600 mg 4 times a day and a muscle relaxant at bedtime. I also have crushed nerves in my feet from a yoga accident, my fault.

Hi! Has anyone gained a lot of weight taking Gabapentin? I’ve gained at least 30 pounds in 3 months and it’s like I can’t stop eating. I feel out of control. I don’t know if the weight gain is from inactivity from having so many flares that keep me very immobile or the Gabapentin.

Freedom, I’ve had the same problem of weight gain, but my eating habits haven’t really changed. I am hungry more often, but I just let my stomach growl at me. I got used to that when I was working those 60-80 hour weeks.

I suspect mine is due to the lack of movement combined with the fact that Gabapentin has the side effect of weight gain. The web site below says it’s a less common reaction, but everyone I know who has taken Gabapentin has complained about weight gain.


I take flexeril when my back is preventing me from moving. It makes me very sleepy so I only take it at night. It’s not a cure all, but it helps me stay out of bed.

I am on Lyrica 150 mgs and Cymbalta 120 mgs a day. No weight gain. As long as you keep active and don’t give in to your increased appetite, you will be fine. I walk a lot with my dog and ride a stationary bike while I watch TV.

Gabepentin did not work for me though it is less expensive than Lyrica.

Hi everyone I am a newbie. I take a muscle relaxer but not for fibromyalgia. I have DDD and seizures so when I know I am having a seizure I take a muscle relaxer makes the stiffness not so bad. . I take mostly cbd oils and make my own roller balls for pain. I get more help outta those than pills. But its each to there on. I have a neighbor who can’t use oils because of the fact they taste bad, some smell bad. I get to the point where I have trouble taking pills.

Hi everyone. I have a related question: Has anyone taken Gabapentin and Savella together? Savella helps improve my fatigue but does nothing for my pain, tremors, or spasms. I just started Gabapentin this week week and don’t know if my increased fog and dizziness is related to the new meds or weather-related flare.

Gabapentin gave me tiredness and brain fog, especially in the beginning.


This is me personally, but I have had Fibro for 30 years. No cure, only gets worse with age, and no medication has ever helped me. Muscle relaxers can be addicting, and may cause constipation. Harder meds have very bad side effects and don’t work. Hope you have luck with them, but don’t get your hopes up.

Aphrodites, i agree with you. I’ve had it FORTY years… the only thing that ever helped was cortisone, but that gave me osteoporosis. I have tried all the meds doc has prescribed, been to orthos and pain docs. As much pain as i am i, the meds are worse. I have so many thing I want to do and am simply unable to do them.