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Has anyone heard of Vital Motion?


A friend of mine told me she heard about this machine called Vital Motion that’s suppose to reduce and eliminate fibromyalgia pain. I looked it up on the internet and,of course it has positive reviews. But I’ve never read about anyone mentioning it on this site. If anyone has had positive experience with this, I would love to know about it. Or if anyone has heard anything about this machine I’d welcome your thoughts about it. Thanks!


Following. Very interested.


I have just ordered some, but it hasn’t arrived. I have tried many supplements and Tumeric did help for my arthritis, but not for the Fibro.


Medical Marijuana didn’t do anything for me, but we are all different. I have tried everything and anything but not Vital Motion. Tried, acupuncture, myofacial massage, MJ, floatation tank, hot, cold, and on and on. I am on Cymbalta and Lyrica along with Klonopin at night. I use a Tens Unit and various pain creams, etc. It is what it is and I just manage one day at a time.


I am skeptical about anything that says it will eliminate fibro pain. Until there is a “cure” everything else is a treatment. Experiment with different thing and see what works for you. Cost vs potential benefit.

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You can also get pedal machines which help too… a bike ride if you are up to it will do the same thing, treading water in a pool also does the same - the machine might be a good starting point to get you ready to do real exercise but real exercise will help much more. I used to tell my granddad to carry on with his indoor bike and swimming but age and heartbreak meant he stopped but he suffered, as do I and without his initial advice I would have been looking for gadgets too. Diet helps so much as well. Cut out sugars and their replacements too - strictly - even if its in something as an ingredient don’t eat it or drink it … No simple carbs either - no white flour, pasta, white rice, potatoes - limit the other carbs too initially. Agreed, it’s really difficult, but it pays off after 3-4 months. It really does - you are only giving up foods that you discover are making you feel more ill so eventually you are happy not to be eating them… Good luck.


i just looked up the vital motion online ive never heard of it.it lookjs interesting.my girlfriend told me about QUELL.its like a TENS but this you put on your leg with a gelpack inside the wrap.it delivers stimulation to relieve all the fibromyalgia symptoms.it retails at WALGREENS for $300 no installments plan but i found mine on home shopping channel HSN OR QVC.you have to buy a new gelpack monthly $30.i have to order more the summer months are coming major fibroflares without it.


I cured my (well at least don’t suffer from or even feel like I have) fibromyalgia with the best and purest CBD Oil on the planet. I’m 5 months all ready with this and am pain free. I’m very happy and thankful I don’t have to poison my body with a lot of prescription pain relief medication. I prefer natural plant medicine with no side effects.


I had not heard of it, I looked at their website and wondered what an FDA Class 1 device is. Evidently Class 1 does not require testing, regulation nor proof that it works. I would be skeptical unless you can get a review from a doctor or at least someone that is already known to you. Here is the definition of FDA Class 1 device

Class I Medical Devices

A Class I medical device are those devices that have a low to moderate risk to the patient and/or user. Today, 47% of medical devices fall under this category and 95% of these are exempt from the regulatory process. If a device falls into a generic category of exempted Class I devices, a premarket notification application and FDA clearance is not required before marketing the device in the U.S. However, the manufacturer is required to register their establishment and list their generic product with FDA. Examples include enema kits, elastic bandages, manual stethoscopes, and bedpans


Thank you to everyone who gave their input about the machine Vital Motion. I think I’ll wait awhile until more people have tried it or there is more information about it.