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Has anyone had experience with this? Daith peircing


I just wondered if anyone has a Daith piercing and finds it helpful?


There is zero evidence that daith piercing does anything for any conidition. Several years ago it was all the rage for chronic migraine (which is what I have along with facial nerve damage called trigeminal nueralgia). Here’s a link to the research done on the urban legend of daith piercing for migraine:

I hope this helps. You can google more info about daith a fibro as well. At the end of the day daith offers nothing medical.



Thank you Azurelle. I was curious as a friend had sent that to me. It’s the same thing I keep telling my husband, “ If it worked, everyone would be doing it and we’d be cured!”.


Of course! Heck, I have all kinds of ear piercings already, I would have been first in line if there was ANY evidence it helps ANYTHING at all.

It seems that the myth started because the ear is an acupuncture point for several things. The trick it, piercing the nerve is NOT therapy, it would actual ruin the spot for acupuncture/acupressure therapy. And, the odds of a body piercer being able to place a piercing correctly for acupuncture therapy is slim-to-none (not that it works anyway).

Now, it this to say actual acupuncture wouldn’t work? Absolutely not. In fact, since it’s basically non-invasive it may be worth trying in general, five thousand years of eastern medicine use can’t all be wrong!