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Has anyone gotten dizziness with Fibro?

I have had dizziness going on for months now. I spoke with my doctor who sent me to be tested for vertigo but that was negative. It is becoming a scary thing as I get dizzy in the shower and nearly fall down. (that is all I would need on top of all my other symptoms) I have a almost fell going down stairs and I am very unsteady on my feet and am glad that I have already been using a cane, it does give me peace of mind. I just started getting dizzy this year and I am beginning to think it is the fibro doing this. Anyone else have this problem? I would appreciate any input. Thanks! Elaine

Hi again ElaineVT49 - it’s GoLightly again! I’m new to the board, so perhaps a little over-eager. :slight_smile:

I get dizzy as well, but I didn’t connect it to fibromyalgia. I thought it was because of sleep deprivation (I don’t sleep well due to pain). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen against a wall while walking through the apartment. Perhaps I am subconsciously trying to create an open-concept apartment.

Is anyone else experiencing dizziness? I’d also like to know if there’s a connection.


Yes, when I 1st developed FM, I was dizzy and tipsy all the time. I could not go into gift shops or antique stores without my husband holding on to me. This has passed with time. I really believe the central nervous system goes haywire when you first develop FM/CFS. Take your cell phone EveryWhere. To the shower, bathroom, walking the dog, whatever. Call 911, if you need help.

I do but I don’t know if it’s from fibro or from meds.

Hi There, I have also experienced dizziness and some vertigo with my fibro. Always, make sure you get tested for Lyme Disease, as this can be a symptom of that as well. I always blamed my vertigo on my allergies and meds, but from what I hear, fibro causes it too. Best to you!

Vertigo is sometimes a problem for me as well, but may be more a function of sinus pressure and drainage problems rather than the fibro. The vertigo seems to come on for a few days, and then next week i will be sick with a cold or something.

I have exercises from the doctor to help get my ears and eyes back into synchronicity and after a few days the vertigo is solved.

ranselmo49, the exercises your doctor gave you, what were they?

A friend of mine, who has been battling cancer, told me that dizziness can be caused by physical inactivity. I’ve looked into it and apparently this is true. As fibro sufferers, I suppose we’re more likely to be inactive and this can lead to dizziness. (?)

Yes i also notice the less active i am, the more unsteady my balance and the less i am able.

The exercises are called Cawthorne Head Exercises or Cawthorne’s Vestibular Exercises. They really do help me.

You can Google them i am sure for complete details but had better discuss with your doctor in case there may be a reason you should not try.

Good luck to you and your friend! :turtle:

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