Has anyone found a diet that helps them?

Hey everyone,

Have any of you found a diet that helps with pain management and digestive issues? I am so frustrated with my body rejecting everything I eat. This has been going on for about the last year. I am not very hungry to begin with but I do try to eat small meals throughout the day. Almost everything I eat my body is not happy with. Within a half hour of eating, I have bad stomach pains and am in the bathroom vomiting or with diarrhea. Anyone with this situation would have body aches, let alone those of us with fibro. I know many Fibro people have IBS and I am looking at that diagnosis with my gastroenteritis. This just seems so much worse then IBS alone. I have been trying a gluten free diet which is helping a bit but not much. I have given up pop, tried eliminating all sorts of the typical allergy foods, done allergy testing etc. Even eating gluten free toast has made me sick! The worst part about all of this is I am in this misery and still gaining weight! I have a endoscopy/colonoscopy scheduled in a few months, but it is so far away and no guaranteed answers. Has anyone come across a diet that helps them feel better?

Hi . What I can tell you being one who has been challenged over the years with severe IBS and other GI problems is that I alter my diet accordingly. I also take probiotics daily and I have taken digestive enzymes . If I am dealing with the ‘runs’ I would eat plain foods only baked , grilled or steamed snd no raw produce. If it was constipation I would increase fiber…I have learned to deal with both situations do as not to irritate my stomache further . So that is about what I can tell you pretty much how I deal with my GI system . I send you all the best and big



Hi Clenway,

Glad you have a GI specialist, it’s hard to know what’s going on until you have the endoscopy. I too had extremely severe IBS when I was first diagnosed with Fibro, I had stomach pain all the time and could only eat white rice. I had a GI specialist consult who did the endoscopy (which is to rule out other issues.) He told me that IBS can affect all the way up the GI tract and that’s what was causing the problems.

Over the years my IBS has gotten under control, from daily to now one attack every 3 months or so. Usually it is precipitated by stress along with a Fibro flare. I have prescription med called Levsin to help with the cramps, then use OTC med (with heating pad and rest) for the diarrhea. Usually I’m ok by the next day. In between these attacks, I battle the constipation with daily fiber (I use MFP to track grams of fiber intake) and probiotics.

So it won’t always be this bad, but you really need that endoscopy and any other tests your GI wants done before you know what to do with your diet. After you have your diagnosis, maybe your GI can refer you to a dietician. Hang in there.


I have fibro and ibs but when I went vegan my ibs got a lot better. I still have other things I need to get rid of to see if I feel even better and it is still pretty bad but like I said, a looot better

dairy free has helped my stomach problems some. I have also used probiotics which seems to have helped with my heartburn too-no more tums…I didn’t think about how bad they could be for my stomach