Hand pain

How many of you guys have bad hand pain daily? My hands have hurt consistently since August and I haven’t found any relief yet:-((( I need relief

I have hand pain almost daily as well. It seems to worsen when I have a day that I have used them a lot. I haven't really found anything that helps with it. I will take ibuprofen, but that just takes the edge off. I think working at the computer really exacerbates it. Hoping you find some relief.

I too, have hand and finger pain. This is one of my new symptoms this year that I have been dealing with. When I take my Epson Salt baths, I make sure to leave my hands under the water. Also, I use Voltaren Gel that was prescribed by my doctor as a topical way to help handle the pain.
I have to be careful that I don’t rub my eyes. I do hope you get relief soon as I know how bad it hurts to type, dress, cook… Just about anything. When I had my flare ups I would just come out here to read as it hurt to type but it felt good that I knew everyone was out there, if not specifically for me, but us as a group. Do let us know when you find something that helps or if the flare-up ends. Take care, Scarlett


I too have hand pain and reduced strength in my grip but then I do have carpel tunnel syndrome for which I have steroid injections into both wrists 3-4 times a year, but I also use voltorol gel, like a hand cream morning and at bedtime, I find this helps especially when I'm getting near to needing a top up injection.

But even if you don't have carpel tunnel syndrome, the gel might help anyway as it's an anti-inflammatory and gets to work directly on the area.

If it persists though I'd see your doc, just to get them checked out.

Love Lucy xx

I completely understand I am new to this site but I need the support. The pain makes it hard to do everything. I like to cook and doing house work so I have one goal to get one thing done a day. I take ultram with ibuprofen and it makes me tired during the day but it takes the edge off. I hope you find something that helps.

I have tramadol but I can’t take it during the day because I’m either working or taking care of my two year old by myself

I have arthritis in my hands and the physical therapy person showed me exercises to do with my hands and that seems to help some and I also put them in warm water and let them soak for a few min.

I have osteo arthritis. My right hand hurts very badly The worst thing for them is cold. When I go somewhere this time of year I wear fingerless gloves with gloves under them. I get really sharp pain that wakes me from a sound sleep. Ibuprofen does help sometimes, but not when it's bad. Sorry, I'm not more help.

I have problems with my hands also. I was diagnoses with Reynauds syndrome after my doctor witnessed they were bluish, cold and painful. I am supposed to avoid cold weather, which isn’t a possibility for me, and to frequently wear gloves when my hands are cold. I did have a blood pressure pill that was prescribed to help with the circulation in my hands. I have since stopped taking it because I want to get pregnant, my hands. Are very sensitive to the cold and wet weather. Maybe you have something similar to this.