Hand, finger (& underarm) exercises & therapy

For fingers and hands I learnt some helpful exercises in the rheum clinic I was in a few weeks ago, e.g. holding your hand(s) on a flat surface like around half a ball, then
a) pressing it flat and repeating that, or
b) pointing each finger up singly as far as possible, or
c) letting your hand creep forward over the table.

d) Use 2 Qi Gong balls in an appropriate size https://youtu.be/2K-mfEN2WMg
e) Hold a thicker pen or something similar and turn a lying down 8 (point your trigger finger and use it as a guide for the 8 at first, if need be). Support the wrist that’s working with your other hand. (All joints everywhere incl. the whole spine can benefit from moving in an 8-figure)
f) Bathe your hands in 1-2kg of canola or rice, either warmed up to under 50°C or cold in the fridge. Everyone else liked one of the two, did them for 15 mins. I personally got a severe dizzy spell from both, cold more than hot, but it was OK when I did it a 3rd time for 3 mins, like in the cryo and cold showering. Similar put your hands in warm water (post 2013 Hand pain)
g) Qi Gong arm exercises - I have to do them short, lying down, or more swinging than waving.
h) Hand machine exercises (post 2012 Physical Therapy)

To reduce strain:
I rest my underarms on something whilst doing something strenuous, like pruning Brussels sprouts.
I have to reduce hand weights (post 2015 Out of breath?)
Holding legs & arms up is very helpful against the Ache. It increases my table tennis energy by 20-50%. Now I do that all day, before deciding if I ought to do a breath-hold exercise or cold shower. Found this out trying Qi Gong exercises lying down.

When first taught, I thought I didn’t need this stuff, but I’ve realized I definitely do. And a to e don’t just train or relax the hands, it’s the underarms too. If they are overly stressed and aching, I need to rest them before I can do the exercises. But if I stop in time, I can do them to unstress them. E.g. I do them while cycling as soon as I notice discomfort. I didn’t even realize this problem before…

JayCS, I have bookmarked this and will definitely be using these exercises!
Thank you :blush: