Hammock as a bed replacement

Hi everyone,

Sleeping is the most painful thing that I do and suffer through. As a side sleeper it’s a challenge to get good pressure relief of my joints, and I have 3 different pillows and have tried different mattresses.

My question for all of you is whether anyone has tried sleeping in a hammock? I realize it’s winter time and it may be seasonal for some of you, but I am considering getting one to replace my bed. I would put it in my bedroom, from stud to stud so it would be indoors.

Let me know if you have slept in a hammock since diagnosis and how your experience was.

Thanks, gentle hugs, Heather.


Hi Heather
Do you have an extra room you could try it in?
I believe in doing what works for each of us.
Please keep us informed on if it helps you I will check to see if I can find any articles
on affects of sleeping in a hammock.

I have a couple spaces I might try it it, just got it today. It needs 12 feet so have to measure. Will update once I try it. Thanks!

I read several articles it sees like a great ideal.
Good luck!! Keep us updated.