Hairy (Itchy) Situation

Does anyone have the problem of a hair falling down your shirt driving you crazy? Frequently I will feel very itchy down my back. Upon investigating I will find that a hair has fallen out of my head and down my shirt. In addition, I have an itchy rash between my shoulder blades about where my hair ends. Could my hair be causing this rash?

its possiable but i dont think it would cause the rash. if it is from your hair then i would think it would be from a product u put in your hair not from your hair it self.

i would get the rash looked at. in the mean time i would take some benadrly if its itchy

I would take a look at your shampoo and conditioner. I have super sensitive skin, and sometimes something in a bottle will cause my skin to freak out. But I'm with you on the hair down your shirt causing issues, I freak when my hair is in my shirt/bra/whatever. Doesn't help that I constantly shed.

Between the shoulder blades is also a spot that gathers sweat I've noticed. I rash up anywhere sweat gathers too much. But I agree with the above, you should get it looked at just to be on the safe side.

It could be your hair, or the product in it. Or simple sweating. I think most of us have gone to shorter cuts due to the amount of pain involved in upkeep. And what your saying the aggravation of feeling it on our skin. Try switching to aveda mint and green tea line, very soothing for the scalp. And shouldn’t aggravate skin. They have full body line, in it also