Greetings Stacy, former Shiatsu therapist!

Welcome to our community, @stacy1973! Thank you for joining. I am sure you will find the members of our community to be very warm and welcoming, so I encourage you to browse forums, read others stories, and interact with our fine members.

It is very interesting that you are a former Shiatsu therapist. How did you get into that line of work? It must have felt rewarding to know you were helping people in need.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all!


Thank you for your welcoming message Brandon. I actually haven’t been back on since I joined. I get overwhelmed easily…much brain fig and anxiety. I just saw a bunch of different areas and topics…got overwhelmed. Wasn’t sure where to go and just chat with other people. Yes I was a Shiatsu therapist…most amazing thing I ever did other than have my son. I thought I wanted to be a chef…was working hard to become one…but the stress in the kitchen was much. I actually came home one day and was flipping the channels on the tv…and saw a show about shiatsu…watched a treatment being done and the explanation…my jaw was on the floor…I saved for 3 years for the entance fee. It was that one thing I was good at and LOved.I actually learned quite abit about Fibromyalgia while treating…I had many patients who suffered from it…and all their symptoms were different…and pain tolerance too. Shiatsu is very helpful for Fibro if you find the right therapist for you…It was a very big Loss for me when Fibro too away my chance to treat anymore…anyways…sorry for blathering…much LOve and gentle hugs.