Thanking all of you just for being here...I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside;-) I really can't express how much it means to me to have found this place.I'm very grateful. I hope you are all feeling well today.I am and we all know that we need to cherish the good ones. Sending out my love to all of you.

Hi fightergirl. I echo your words of thanks to you and to all the other amazing people who are members on this site. Reading many of the stories, remedies and successes is inspiring. And when we share our good days I think there is tremendous spirit lifting power in those special messages.


Fightergirl, I'm feeling much the same way! I found out about this community's existence through Apple's app store, looking for a support group app. I have a sign it my house that says "Be Grateful! Life is a gift." I am grateful to all the moderators who take the time to welcome us new people here. Having chronic illness can be isolating. It's wonderful to find others who not only know what it's like to experience what we are, but to have created a space for us to be together. Thanks to everyone for being here. I am grateful to each of you - those who write, welcome, read, volunteer, and all of the above - for being a part of this group.


Welcome Fightergirl! Fellow Canadian! This is a good little family here you have found. It really has helped me and I have only been on here for a few months now. The support in this community is tremendous. I remember when I first found this site, I finally felt validated within the realms of fibromyalgia. I also did not feel as lonely as I had before. No one that I know has this disease so I often feel very alone within my symptoms. It is so great that we have a site to go to that provides us with support and information. Welcome!

Thank you, fightergirl, for coming to our community and enriching it. I'm glad you're feeling better after coming here. We try to normalize fibro for you, so you no longer think it's just you or there's something wrong with you. I think that most of us are capable of coping - well, at least part of the time - once we know that this illness is real. It is.

Hugs to you,


Hi fightergirl. Im so glad you found this group as so am I. This group is and has been amazing. I’m having a good day. I’m so glad you are.

I feel silly for replying since you and other respondents have already said everything I want to ... I honestly concerted just replying "Dido" and leaving it at that. But I thought that would be too crass. So instead I just decided I'd give you all an honest "thinking out loud" answer. I love it here and have been slightly obsessed since I've found this sight, its almost all I've talked about for 3 days now. I am so grateful to have found this sight and I feel the same about it as you, and I'm sure everyone else does.It is truly amazing! Thank you all of you and thank you Ben for creating it!