GRALISE (gabapentin), instead of Lyrica (pregabalin) or Neurontin (gabapentin)

I asked my Doctor today if there wasn't something for my Sciatic nerve pain that would not make me swell as I do with Lyrica, or spin as I do with Neurontin, and he gave me a sample of Gralise to try for 15 days.

His nurse said he is giving samples to many patients and they are doing well with it. So something to keep in mind, as it is new and also for nerve pain. We have a new alternative, and samples are available!

I hope this works better for you I checked it out and can not take it because of allergies. let us know how it goes.

That's good news SK! We will be very interested in how you find this new pain med to be.

Ooooh, cool! This I like to hear. I hope it works real well for you, SK! Especially if it helps with your sciatic pain. It's nice of you to mention this for everyone, too. Maybe it'll help someone that the other meds don't work for. Crossing my fingers for you!

Gralise is gabapentin or neurontin. They are the same things. Sorry.

According to the link provided by SK, it says that Gralise contains gabapentin so that means it is not gabapentin but contains gabapentin. Also it is different in that you take Gralise once a day whereas with gabapentin you take it three times a day. It also says it is not interchangeable with other gabapentin products. These are important differences. The link cites benefits or advantages to taking it once a day. Of course now comes the time where it is tried out by patients to see how it measures up with these stated advantages. That's why physicians have samples to give to some of their patients, a 15 day supply.

So, we will see how SK evaluates this med.

I hope gralise works for you better than neurontin. I have to let you in on what I found out about Gralise. The active ingredient in both neurontin and gralise is gabapentin. The only difference is the delivery system. You have to take neurontin throughout the day. Gralise is extended release gabapentin so you only have to take it once a day. I don't know when your doctor suggested you take it. The manufacturer suggests that you take it with your dinner.

Gralise is not interchangeable with other gabapentin products because if you take gralise on the same time schedule you would take neurontin you could overdose very quickly.

Shadows mom

Well, this med may be of tremendous help to some, I was unable to take it. It is the time release ingredient that I cannot tolerate, I had the very same problem with the Opana ER, there is something in any extended release med, that makes me itch horribly. It could be large doses of caffeine, or something like it, as too much of it has this horrible effect on me, it can also cause uncontrolled vomiting.

I went through the horrific withdrawls of the Lyrica, the hot flash type of sweating, then freezing, and experienced the terrible pains down my legs, almost like being in child labor, but after not taking anything for 24 hours, went back on the Lyrica, and the nerve pain is once again under control.

Oh well, I hope this med is helpful to others, it was just not for me!