Good talks on Fibromyalgia, and on Pain (mainly YouTube videos)

I’ve watched thru this 70’ talk plus questions by Dr. Andrew Gross. Bit long, and old, from 2011, I think it’s good, he’s a very understanding rheumatologist.

Some comments on it :
19th min: Disappointed by his focussing on the older theory of pain “oversensitivity”. In the 25th min: he even suggests that the same can be said of things like IBS - as if IBS were just a “sensation”, oversensitiveness! (2011 is quite a long time ago…)
30th min (and again later): “If you have fibro, you shouldn’t do too many tests, and therefore the fibro-diagnosis is good to know.” I disagree, but I agree not to do operations etc. too quickly.
65th min: People are “less sensitive to pain” after CBT? Yes, but I think they probably cope and pace better too.
67th min: ‘Ways how people react to us’ is great, never seen it differentiated that well before. (cf. in the questions, 79th minute)
Answers to questions:
76th minute: Us having depression is a normal response to the pain, not pre-disposition: Agreed.
77th minute: Guys pain seems more focal and more intense (- not in me ;-)).
81th minute: This doesn’t belong to any one specialty, because it affects so many parts of the body: Agreed.
85th minute: A third of veterans get PTSD, so often things like fibromyalgia too. :scream:

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Before that I’d seen this newer 40’ talk “Understanding how to manage fibromyalgia” by Rachel Lynch from FibroIreland, 2018. Nice and fun too - a few things I beg to differ in her case too.

Already mentioned it in my blog a while back.

I Like him and Dr. Daniel Clawe both are sympothetic and knowledgeable

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Is that Dan(iel) Clauw, Uni. of Michigan? They published extensive research I think it was 2006…
There’s some talks by him on youtube too, I’ll be looking into them. Altho I’m not really learning anything from these talks for myself… :-/

Now this is a nice one by zdogg MD, in case you’re up for a bit of crudeness and laughter in between, breaks the “science” of it down very well, empathetic and still very entertaining at the same time:

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Yes I play his U tube Videos for my person to person Support Group We enjoy his info

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Really liked this video, JCS - He’s great!!! :star_struck: It also had a decent dose of Laugh Therapy to boot!
Thank you, dear friend!

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Quote from a Feb 2021 study “Role of youtube-videos analyzed” (who’d’ve thought!): YouTube as a source of information on fibromyalgia - PubMed
"Health professionals should be aware of the importance of health-related information on YouTube and provide high-quality accurate and up-to-date content."

So here goes with recently collected further good talks.
Mainly by recognized docs. In brackets ( ) if I have doubts about the quality.
Edit: V1.6, 2022-04-28 14:30 Added some Tedx talks.
Next: Moseley, maybe one or two on vimeo. Distinguish videos on Fibro from those on Pain generally - or not?


Medical youtuber:

TEDxTalks on invisible chronic diseases / pain etc.:


Pain sites:

Funny one: Tender Points vid from the 90s?
About stiffness by amateur youtuber Pammie Jean:

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