Good News? What's yours?

Here is an idea! Share some of your good news. It doesn't have to do with fibro or chronic fatigue. It doesn't have to be big. Sometimes the little things are the best and will surely help bring all of us up.

Here's mine: I don't want to jinx it, but I've been feeling good for nearly 2 weeks. Out of the blue I just don't hurt from fibro and no fog. I still have a little fatigue and my back problems.

I am gently adding in some extra activities. I went to the beach for the weekend with an old girlfriend for our birthdays. I was even able to have a couple of glasses of wine Saturday night. Today I am carefully going to do some stretching and then work on a small flower bed outside. It's not real cold here right now.

I don't know why it's happening, but I'm taking it. I just want to give everyone some hope that a respite can happen.

Enjoy life!



Oh, I'm so pleased you're feeling good at the moment, it really helps to get some respite from it now and then.

We've got something to look forward to......Our son is getting married in April, to a beautiful girl. The plans are going well, I have a lovely new outfit, big hat with ostrich feathers fluttering on it's brim! and I'm determined, just for that day to wear my high heeled court shoes....even if they kill me....which they probably will...haha.

The wedding will be extra special as my Husband is a Church of England Priest and he will perform the marriage ceremony for our son, in our church. Which I think is a very special thing, to be married by your own Dad.

Oh, and I'm also thinking of getting another little cat, I have 2 already, but I have a craving for another!!! I love my cats, they are such good company and often join me on the bed and we all snooze together !!

This is a lovely idea for a discussion, so much of our lives is taken up with fibro etc, it'll be good to read everyone's news.

Love Lucy xx

Lucy, I am jealous of the hat! I love how well the English continue to shine in beautiful hats!

I'm happy for you, your husband, your son and the bride. It sounds like a fairy tale wedding. How proud you must be.

Lucy, I have a new kitty. He is becoming quite precious. He wasn't at first. His mama was a feral cat and he was very spooky and nervous. It's been about 5 or 6 weeks and he has settled in very well. When I get a cute picture I will post it. He is a long haired, orange kitty with a lovely mane. We call him Cobbler. He goes with our black labrador, Apple. Apple Cobbler. LOL! And we have a little dog who is a mix, Tink. I hope your kitty dreams come true. They are so affectionate.

Haven't been on in forever - bad weather flare. So this really drew my interest in being thankful about exciting things in our lives. I love hearing about others good news! Good health, feeling good and a wedding! I think it gives us all a rush of excitement and adrenaline sharing in someone elses great news. Thank you for starting this, Kitty.

I can also share that I'm going to have two more grandchildren this summer! Yes, TWINS!!! I'm concentrating on all the things I can do for them and with them, not what I can't.

I'm being put back on pristiq, which worked wonders for my depression and anxiety. My dr.'s and me tried to give Cymbalta and ability a try since Cymbalta can help with fibro pain. It did at the highest dose, but I still had my mental issues. Now my psychiatrist is agreeing to give me back my pristiq. I feel like I'm going home again. I know it sounds weird, but I felt mentally well on that med and I'll take that over physical pain free days anytime!

I received two letters in the mail today. One was a thank you letter and the other one was a welcome new baby boy notice. Both made me feel so happy.

Today I was able to get out of bed. I had a nice breakfast. then made one of my 11 grandchildren a birthday card. I'm blessed to have 11 healthy grandchildren ages 23-1. I have a loving husband that has supported me for 17yrs with FMS, among other health issues. I was able to thank God for the many blessings he has given me. A year ago because of my health issues we moved to Utah to be closer to one of our children. They had invited my husband and I to live in their basement which they fixed so cute for us. (We added our own home-ie touches) Our entire family gets along, how many people can say that? All of these things I thank God for on a daily basis. I'm also very grateful for Dr.s that believe what I tell them and I honor that trust.

I'm grateful for the time to read, my favorite hobby.

I enjoy yoga and stretching each and every day. Very important for me. I also enjoy meditation, I love the peace.

I'm grateful for this support group and for Kitty that reminded us that we all have blessings to count each and every day!!

Thanks Kitty!

(((hugs)))) Susan aka:grandmadaleyx11

Ok, now "true confessions."

My worst favorite "brainless" TV shows.

Ok, I'm done! :-) :-) :-)

And for all of you who wanted more "Humor for Today" Ie Maxine..I hope you're not getting tired of them..I do believe that "Laughter is the Best Medicine." Laughing truly does help pain, so the more you can find to laugh at, the better we'll be.

Now I'm really done. I hope if you ever need a friend you know I'm here for you. And, although very new to this site, I know you're here for me too.

Thanks for letting me ramble..another of my favorite things to do!!

Hugs to all..and I've got lots of them!


my good news? the other day my daughter brought my two grandsons, age 2 and 1 over to see me. I was doing well enough not to be scary woman when they came. was so lovely, hadn't seen them since Christmas eve. grateful for the laughter hugs, kisses, and a few hours without nonstop uncontrolled movement.

nice thread kitty

Hi Kitty:

I'm sure glad you brought this idea up to the discussion table. My bright news is that I have been able to get on my stationary bike and now my left arm joint is stronger than it has been for months. I only have spent 5-10 minutes a day for 3 days, but it has made a big difference for me and I am celebrating every once of it!

Thanks Kitty!



My good news is my rabbit had babies a month ago and my husband built a 10 by 10 foot dog pen around their hutch so I can get outside everyday and let them run around and play now. He enclosed the sides with tarps and the roof too to protect from rain and windy cold days . I look forward to going out there after lunch each day. I bring them veggies and the munching noises are cute as heck. When Im in their pen I feel such peace and enjoyment. No fibro pain at all until I leave. Interesting. Maybe I will stay in there longer. I will bring my lawn chair next time . Bunnies are very friendly and love to interact with you. They do my heart such good. Sweet vunerable fluffy little balls of contentment.I love the little darlings. It seems healing to my soul. I now have 7 bunnies. Either no more breeding them or husband said he will expand my pen for me because he is happy to see me feeling good with my life. I think to myself, how pathetic my life is that what I look forward to most in all my day is my time in the bunny pen LOL Oh well, that's OK. I will try to stop judgeing myself and just enjoy what makes me happy :)

What a great idea! Sometimes we forget there is good news. Here's mine: physical exercise is really a wonder drug. I have been swimming again for nearly two weeks; I don't feel like going every day, but I remind myself that I'm going to feel better afterwards--and I do.

Oh, yes--and I've started riding lessons again. And I have been assigned my favorite horse! Riding is not the same kind of aerobic exercise that swimming is, but I love it so much it makes me feel good.

So here's to all of us doing what makes us happy! It's the best tonic!


Your life doesn't sound the least bit pathetic to me. So many people lead their lives in such a way that they have to come home and numb themselves with alcohol and drugs. You've found a way to stop your pain without leaving home, with your bunnies, what a wonderful discovery you've made! Congrats! Whenever I'm holding our pooch I relax, much like when I meditate. Animals have some sort of calmness about them, most of them anyway.

Sandi! Hi. I'm so excited for you. A double blessing for you. You just had a baby grand-daughter recently, didn't you?

Stay warm,


You are awesome Ratteld!

Oh, the things I take for granted every day. Things as simple as being able to get out of bed are meaningful to us because we know what it's like not to.

I have more good news. I keep going back to the weekend with my girlfriend. We have been friends since third grade. It was so good to spend time with her. The thing that keeps coming back to me is WE GIGGLED! We laughed and laughed and laughed. It's lingering. Also she gave me a card that says "We'll be best friends forever...You know too much!" And it's true! She helped me through that rough, rough time with my daughter when she was using meth. She drove me to court because my husband wasn't able to. I'm so happy she's still in my life even though we are nothing alike anymore.

Giggling is my good news.

Just for the heck of it I googled why do animals make me feel good? I got a bunch of results and they all said that when you hold a loved pet or do anything that brings you happiness your brain releases endorphins which are equal to opiates. Opiates releive pain. Thats what endorphins do. So when Im in my bunny pen or your holding your pooch we are getting endorphins released into our bodies. That makes sence because I have literally no pain at all when Im in there. Im going to have to see if it has the same effect if I bring one inside but I think its them running around playing together that gives me such joy. Are you able to go for little wa;lks with your dog? If its cold out you can go to a pet store. They usually allow pets.

I would love to excercise some. In the winter I hibernate but I could walk a little indoors someplace I suppose. I will have to think of a store or someplace. Maybe a greenhouse store. Glad your able to stll horseback ride. That sounds nice.