Good Morning Group!

It’s a new day and I strive to open my eyes and Thank God for a new day. As I work myself out of bed I tell myself that I am in control of my day. My body might say one thing, but I’m sorry my mind is much much stronger. So I start moving and stick to my routine which gives me comfort. I do some stretches and tell my body I’m in charge and as I start my movements I think of the good things in life both past and present. I thank God because I know many others are dealing with much more horrible conditions than mine.

As I eat my breakfast, take the dog for a walk I start thing about what I can do that can be helpful to someone. I do volunteer work at the YMCA helping to teach small children how to swim. This not only gives me water exercise but improves how I feel about myself.

So fellow friends let’s start your day with positive energy and wishing everyone a wonderful day.


Hello Fearski what a positive outlook you have in life I am wheelchair-bound and my health is really deteriorating I find it hard to think positive at times then I like you thank god for each morning I waken and for the joys and blessings I have been given throughout my life so you are right count our blessings there is always someone worse off.
Hope you keep well and look forward to talking with you again.

Annette. Moderator For Forum.

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Great outlook! Being positive sure beats dwelling on the negatives, which we all have more than enough of. (Please don’t let that comment make anyone feel like they shouldn’t talk about how they’re doing!)


Hurray for you! I’m sure those in your same situation that have read your post that it gives them hope for each new day. When we wake up WE DECIDE what kind of day we will have. We need to tell our minds “ Fibro your not taking me down today and if you try, you have a fight on your hands”

Never lose the faith in yourself and give yourself praise for being so strong and rewards will come your way.

You truly are an inspiration to us all.
Many blessings I send your way and wishing you many sunny days in your heart.