Gnawing pain in leg

Hey all,
So this proves to be a very early morning for me…three in the morning early. I was actually sleeping tonight which is very rare because of chronic insomnia, when I suddenly woke up to a horrible horrible gnawing in my right leg. I kept trying to roll over but no matter which position I would lie in my leg felt like it was getting chewed off by an alligator. It goes away for a couple of minutes and then comes right back again too. Isn’t the fibro a lovely thing.

Hi Aha,

I see you are in favor of Homeopathic treatment, are you seeing this type of Doctor? What are they doing for this leg pain? Hopefully you are on a good pharmaceutical vitamin, getting enough magnesium? It helps keep the alligator away!

Wishing you well,


Hi Ahava,

So sorry to hear about your horrible leg pain.I have the same type of pain in my legs and it is always at its worst at night. I have been using Ben Gay Zero Degrees when it get really bad and that helps some. Maybe this will help you too. I hope yu find some relief and the alligator stops chewing on your leg!

Gentle Hugs,


Thanks everyone, I will have to try the Bengay zero for sure. I would love to find a doctor that will try more natural ways of easing the pain, but I’m not sure there is a fix for the leg pains.