Gluten free diet?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had success on a gluten free diet? Or success on any diet reducing fibromyalgia symptoms.

I’m three weeks into a gluten free diet… For gut reasons but I’m hoping it will help with my Fibro pain. It takes 6-8 weeks for inflammation from gotten to be completely out of your body so I haven’t noticed any changes yet. I went GF to help endometriosis symptoms over ten years ago… It didn’t help and it was before I had Fibro. Thankfully it’s a lot easier to get gf stuff now than it was back then. It’s still a difficult change. I can’t go completely dairy free so I’ve cut back on dairy and sugar.

I have used a low gluten diet for decades. I used to have a chronic rash on my hands or forehead. For the last few years, I have also taken 500- 1000 my of L-lysine (in the vitamin aisle at grocery stores or Walgreens). I can tolerate small amounts of wheat with the L-lysine. I think it helps with the fibromyalgia but does not get rid of it. I also limit sugars and carbs including high carb gluten-free processed foods that use mostly rice and corn flours. There a lot of recipes online if you have time to bake, using nut (almond) and coconut flours.

Hello all, lucky enough not to have gluten issues but a long time ago I went all natural on the advice of a nutritionist. I can eat what I want as long as it doesn’t have chemical additives- homemade brownies, not from a mix, etc. Cape Cod potato chips, not Lay’s sour cream [and I did love them!] It’s hard to do at first like all diet changes but I found myself with much less aching and swelling. Best to you in your journey, Can’t remember my name on here, I’m Diana C in the non digital world!

The one thing I’m finding with eating gluten free is it isn’t very nutritious. The flours you use to make stuff are very startchy and lack nutrition like whole grains have. I’ve been reading a lot about how wheat is treated in the US and how those chemicals effects the body. I’m going to go two more weeks gluten free then I’m going to,start using an organic low gluten wheat flour for things…& still do low sugar and less dairy. After 4 weeks gluten free I’m feeling better pain wise but I’m missing some stuff nutritionally. The stuff I have been reading has been saying it’s really not a good idea to go gluten free if you don’t have an issue with gluten. But of course you can cut back on the amount of gluten things you eat including not eating processed foods…making more of your food etc.

Dear Freedom,

I have recently experimented going on and off gluten, like, many times, just to see if I might have an issue. I had to repeat it several times, on and off, to finally conclude that yes, the gluten affects my pain . In fact, it effects my pain within one to 3 days of eating gluten, so for me, the effect is pretty immediate.

So finally, I went off gluten for an extended period of time, I’m still off, save for going "off my diet’ once when on vacation. Now I’m noticing also a marked decrease in “fibro fogs”, and more mental clarity in general.

I have been tested twice for Celiac disease (both times negative) in the last few years, which at first I thought meant I could not have gluten sensitivity. But I have recently found out there is a thing called “non-celiac gluten sensitivity”, and Stanford told me that if you have that condition, it could indeed cause widespread inflammation which could make fibromyalgia pain worse. So, if you are one of the ones with “non-celiac gluten sensitivity”, cutting out gluten should help decrease fibromyalgia pain. Cutting out gluten won’t help everyone, just those who have the sensitivity. I’ve concluded I must have that sensitivity.

Best of luck to you!

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