Gluten, Food Allergies & Acidic/Alkaline

I was diagnosed with fibro/chronic fatigue in '98, but looking back, I've struggled with minor symptoms most of my life, with more acute symptoms in the early '80's, beginning with "my gut".
Have you ever heard of the "brain/gut connection"? Neither had I, until just recently. Dr. Michael Gershon calls the gut our second brain. The gut has it's very own nervous system. The small intestine alone has as many neurons as our spinal cord. Neurotransmitters are natural chemicals that transmit signals from one part of our brain to another. Guess what? They're also found in your intestines. In fact, 95% of all serotonin is made by the nerve cells in our gut. And get this - the gut has seven different kinds of serotonin receptors. An imbalance in serotonin levels can be an underlying cause of depression, anxiety and bowel troubles.
For us, an imbalance in our gut can mean malabsorption of our food, which can cause anemia and vitamins deficiencies, which can lead to over-all muscle soreness, fatigue, chronic constipation and the list goes on.
I have been eating gluten-free for about two years. I got an immediate improvement in my over-all health, so I took it one step further this past summer. I went to see a functional medicine doctor. She did my blood work, and it turned that out that I have 31 food allergies and my CRP level (C-Reactive Protein = inflammation in my body) was 17.7! A normal CRP level is 1.0 or less, 1.0 - 3.0 is notable, and a number above 3.0 is considered acute. My doctor told me I had inflammation in my blood stream, in every organ, including my brain, and obviously in every muscle in my body. OUCH!
My three biggest allergies were to cow's milk, brewer's/baker's yeast and egg whites/egg yolks. That immediately made me a vegan, that could eat meat, by default. (I eventually stopped eating meat and fish, too.)
In three days, ALL OF MY PAIN WAS GONE.
I still have fibro/chronic fatigue, but it has settled down incredibly. I still have to carefully pace myself and plan my days, I still cannot exercise without retro-active pain, and I still have to consider things that people without fibromyalgia don't have to think about.
I also found out, through a urine litmus test, that the pH balance of my blood was acidic, which is a breeding ground for disease. We want our blood to be slightly more alkaline. The more alkaline our blood is, the more oxygen it has. The less alkaline our blood is, the less oxygen our blood has. Eating less acidic foods, and more alkaline foods can assist in a better balanced blood pH. But, it's not just diet that effects our pH. Lack of exercise, anger, drugs, cigarettes, and stress can all contribute to causing our blood to be acidic.
My doctor put me on an UltraBiotic (a probiotic to aid in digestion), vitamin D3 5000, and Zinc Picolinate.
I sound like "Polly Positive" or "Nelly Know-It-All"! When I was really sick and suffering, I HATED posts like the one I am writing! Look back at some of my old entries. I basically wanted to die. But, I've been meaning to share my good news with this community for a while; I was just waiting to see if my new found health was too good to be true, and it's not!!!
I've read so many books on fibro, health, spirituality, etc..., but my hero, life saver, and guru is Kris Carr. Check out everything Kris Carr. Her movie, "Crazy, Sexy Cancer" (it applies to us more than you can imagine), all of her books, especially: "Crazy, Sexy Diet" and "Crazy, Sexy Kitchen". Check out her facebook page, her website, AND she's also on pinterest!
The saying, "We are what we Eat", and "Change your Thoughts, Change your Life" (the title of Wayne Dyer's book, my spiritual guru), are so simple, but so true!
I forgot to add, that meditation has been another positive practice that has really helped me. I fell in love with Oprah and Deepak's Meditation series on Oprah's OWN Network's website. I particularly like "Perfect Health", of course. Each meditation is only 15 minutes long, which makes it very doable. I try to do one in the morning and one before bed.
The other one I like is, "Miraculous Relationships". That one refers a lot to your relationship with yourself and others, too. It's a great Holiday gift!

So glad you have discovered these food intolerances, and been able to change your way of eating, without feeling like you are being cheated, that takes a strong, dedicated type of person!

Those new shows of Oprah are so inspiring, I also liked the Tony Robbins shows!

Yes, on the GMO, Geranium just sent me an e-mail telling me that one of the scientists of Monsanto behind the genetically tampered with crop seeds is to win the Nobel Prize! That really burns me up, makes me think they are bought! Yes, my opinion is controversial, but when you consider that this shows up on our very DNA, you better be burnt up, the food is also considered to be 'dead food', stripped of all nutritional value, it's simply a 'filler'!

What a world!