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Giving up on lyrica

Sadly, I’m throwing in the towel on lyrica. One, I don’t think it’s helping, plus the side-effects are terrible: dizzy, blurry vision, can’t concentrate or come up with words, my memory is horrible, weight gain, worse tiredness than fibro without it. I’m just tapering myself off and already feel more like my old self. I’m going to keep a close eye on the trials for using the tb vaccine for fibro. I’ve signed up to get the blood test.

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Hi Debs, I would love to get updates as you go though the process of getting off the Lyrica. I am having the same side effects as you and have thought many times of giving up. But I’m so afraid that the pain would come roaring back and I would be unable to work. I’m only 49 and still have one child at home so I can’t stop working yet. My job is more physical than mental, so right now the forgetfulness and ‘flightiness’ I feel are less of a problem than being in too much pain to work. But some day soon that will not be so. Would love to have an idea of what I’d be looking at if I decide to quit it.

I was only on lyrica for 2 months. When my dose was increased a month ago, the side effects really ramped up, plus, I didn’t think it was working for me, and certainly not any better than gabapentin, which had much fewer side-effects for me.
So, if you’ve been on lyrica for a long time, my experience may not be/probably wouldn’t be what you’d have.
I’ve been off for about a week after a really quick taper. Definitely not advised if you’ve been on it awhile!!! I’ve had some headaches, a brief flare, and the sweats on and off. My mind has already cleared up, as has my blurry vision. Please keep in touch and tell me how you’re doing and if you decide to go off. :heart:

I hope you’re feeling better now that you’re getting off the Lyrica. It didn’t work for me, at least nothing noticeable but the side effects were unbearable. My feet would swell so much that I felt like I was a cave man. Idk if that makes sense but they reminded me of big club like feet. And I couldn’t control my bladder very well. I think it was partially because the lyrica made my mouth really dry so I was drinking more water but I’d have to run to the bathroom and end up peeing myself while trying to pull my pants down and squat. It was awful. I’m happy to say that both things went away after I stopped the lyrica.

I take cymbalta but idk how much it helps with fibro. It is good for my depression though. I just heard of a new to me specialist in the Los Angeles area and I’m hoping to make an appointment soon! I wish you luck in the trials you’re applying for.

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I take amitriptyline after becoming a zombie on the gabapentin and the lyrica making me just so angry. It’s been working great for me espically since it not o oh helps with the depression part but also the migraines that seem to follow me everywhere. My mother comments that it’s like she has her daughter back (helpful momma) but she’s right that I feel more like me again. I hope as you come off the lyrica that they are able to find something that works for you. I hear so many that it’s like there is not one same method between them that works. You’d think they would be able to determine, or come up with a med that will actually work i stead of using us as lab rats! :rofl:

Good luck and best wishes!