Getting scared about upcoming hearing for SSDI

I am working with Allsup for my SSDI. I have a hearing the beginning for Jan. Is there anything I can do to help my chances. I welcome any and all advice. I have sent a request to Allsup to get not just notes but a questionaire from my primary care as she see me the most. I have also started seeing a pain doc, he upped my flexeril to 30 mg a day, see to help. And I also take Tylenol 3 to 4 times a day as I can’t take Motrin products.

Any encouragement will help.

HI.. I wish I would have good news to tell you about your hearing. I can only tell you that most disability claims usually end up being denied the 1st or 2nd time. Its so ridiculous. But hopefully that won't happen to you. Make sure you have ALL of your medical records. Thats usually one of the reasons its delayed because the doctor hasnt sent in your records. And make sure you a letter from your doctor stating he/she thinks you qualify for it. Its a big headache, but worth it. I have been seeing a pain management doctor now for a long time, 6 yrs. All I can say is this, don't start on narcotics! Trust me, it was the worst decision I ever made. I don't know whats worse, have FMS, or being dependant on them. Id rather have FMS twice as bad!! Anyways, I hope things go well for you! Oh yea, I don't remember the website, but google it, theres a website that will give you really good tips on what to do to help you get disability. It was years ago, but I'm sure its stilll there!

Thanks Stacy you have an attorney? I was denied twice and am going to disability attorney on Wednesday. They told me over the phone that it takes one year to get an appt with judge for hearing. I think this is so ridiculous. I believe the judge asks you a bunch of questions and depending on your answers you get it or you don't but I believe that hiring an attorney works in your favor! Do you have other medical conditions also? I wish you lots of luck!!

Allsup is a company that this is what they do…from what I understand they can be better than an atty. Yes up I have severe anxiety, depression and PTSD. This coming Feb I will reach second anniversary. Of trying.

Hi, I just had a video hearing last Friday and as soon as we walked out of the room my attorney told me that we won the case. Basically the judge asked questions in general about your health and what meds you take . She also asks what kind of job you were doing if you were working before you stopped working and what made you stopped working, she also asked if you can do household work such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, yard work and if you need assistance with personal care. Also your attorney would ask you some similar questions but not as many as the judge. In my personal opinion a video hearing was better for me than face to face hearing because I get very nervous easily, and I am very shy. Per my attorney what helped to win my case were all my medical records and also the statement of my PCP, my previous and current Rheumatologist stating that I cannot longer work but more than anything the detail letter from my PCP. I also know God made it possible for me to win the case after 2 denials. Good luck on your hearing I know you will win your case too :slight_smile:
Oh I forgot my attorney told me that because the government being shut down I would not get an approval letter nor any income until the end to December or beginning of January 2014.

Congratulations to you, Sonia, on your significant win, but boy does that...stink that you have to wait so long for an acceptance letter!!! I'm willing to bet that if you owed the IRS money, they'd get it out of you in a matter of days. But at any rate, congratulations and I hope you start receiving benefits by December/January.

Debnted, I had to see a psychiatrist for my fibro court case, and he asked me the same things that the judge asked Sonia, plus some questions to check my mental acuity, such as Who is the President, What day is it, what year is it, what is 50-7, then 43-7, etc. I think you'll be fine with your case. I also used Allsup and they did a great job for me; i won on the first try. I think the medical records are very important too. If you have a doctor who is backing your claim and has documented it, then you should be fine.

Good luck to you and let us know how it goes!

I'd suggest that you write down all meds that you take, plus dosages, what your medical issues are (depression? compressed disk? IBS? Migraines? etc.) and who you see for them. Make sure you have your notes, as you mention. If you kept a Daytimer with dates of appointments or notes about what you're going for treatment for, I'd bring that too. I needed mine in order to give Allsup dates of treatment and what doctors I'd seen. Do make sure that any doctors receipts that may include your diagnosis are placed in date order, for ease of retrieval during the hearing.

Make sure that you're rested and you have something in your stomach. My appointment with the court-order psychiatrist took about an hour, so I'm guessing your hearing will run 30 minutes to one hour.


Thanks you…I have been keeping Allsup updated they said that they will have all of that info. The SSDI people have not sent me any where as of yet, not sure what to think about that.

Thank you Sonja, I wish mine would be video also, thanks for the encouragement .