Getting pregnant and having Fibro

We are wanting to add a new addition to our family and I was wondering if anyone had experience with having fibro and being pregnant. I have high risk pregnancies as it is so I know I will still have one this time around when I do get pregnant but has anyone noticed fibro improvements or did it get worse for you. I am trying to fully prepare myself for what may happen. I know everyone is different but I just wanted others who have been through this to give me their experience if they are willing to share. Thank You

Hi Ladybutler, I can’t help, as my fibro started during pre-menopause, but I have seen talk of fibro symptoms improving during pregnancy, I think everyone is different & maybe it depends on a lot of other things…
As we know fibro is just a crazy thing, and there just is not good research on anything related to fibro, at least that’s my belief
I hope things go well for you !!
Having a child is such a beautiful blessing
Hugs & blessings

Hello there. I am new here and trying to find out information myself. I do not have any experience with being pregnant with my fibro as I had my children way before I was diagnosed. However I would suggest to be extremely careful and consult your doctor before you attempt getting pregnant. I don't know if you are on the same medicine regiment that I am (Lyrica, Tramadol, Cymbalta) but I have read that if you are considering pregnancy that you may need to get off of the meds for a certain amount of time before conception to avoid complications and health risks to you and baby.
Also keep in mind that some of these medications used in treating symptoms of fibromyalgia are major mood stabilizers and you may experience some very bad depression and anxiety along with your fibro pain when coming off of them. I have stopped taking mine in the past at the begining of my treatment to find myself very emotional and in a tremendous amount of pain.
I do not mean this to discourage you from having a baby. I think it's wonderful and shows a tremendous amount of strength on your part for wanting to live normally with this particular disorder. I just say this in hopes that you take the time to prepare yourself so that you don't have complications with medications and pregnancy, so that the baby is healthy, and so that you are emotionally able to handle a newborn with this condition.

hi ladybutler,

i am new here also and havent quite figured this website out lol but i came across this and i believe i relate to it.

first off, i was just diagnosed with fibro on 11/14/2012 but have beenhaving all the pain for about 3 or 4 years at least. and i feel like its crazy because i am only 20 right now! anywho, i have a baby, hes 8 months now! while i was pregnant. i was working at a local baskin robbins. i had TERRIBLE morning sickness, which led me to quit my job since my boss was giving me such a hard time about calling out alot, even though i had my shift covered lol. so i quit. but while i was still working there, i would get this awful pain just above my shoulderblades. it was just pain. like, tight burning pain. i always had to rub it. but it wouldnt help. so idk if it coincidence that it started happening while i was pregnant or not. but i still get that pain everyday! and its bad. then after i had my baby io always had back pain. i thought it was related to always bending over doing mommy duties. but my rheumetologist checked all my symptoms out, turns out i had fibro :/

dont know if i was much help, good luck!! and its true every pregnant woman is different. btw i wasnt high risk pregnancy

Hi Ladybutler! My diagnosis came in much after my pregnancy, but I had ALL the symptoms earlier. My Orthopedist had warned me against pregnancy and had said that there may be a chance that my lower back would give away. I had no intentions of getting pregnant - but it just happened and once that happened - didn't have the heart to discontinue. I was extremely scared - but fibro wise - that was the BEST time of my life ( and I have had fibro for 22 years now). Sure, I did have nausea and back pain and mood swings - but they were all pregnancy related. My muscular pain had almost vanished - allergies, migraine - nada! My skin glowed and my hair was healthy and shiny...It also helped that I quit my full time job in the second trimester.

My symptoms resurfaced once my son was around 4 or 5 months old. I needed help to take care of the baby. Carrying him, changing him etc was painful.. but it also felt good to see that toothless smile only for me!!

My son is now 10 years old and is very aware of my fibromyalgia and is very very understanding. He is more independent than most boys his age.

There have been moments when I have wanted to just end it all - the pain would be excruciating.. but he keeps me going and wanting to fight back. I haven't regretted having a baby!

But having had one, I wouldn't have another :)

Hope this helps!

Good luck!

This may sound too easy, but has anyone considered that perhaps the megavitamins we take during pregnancy could possibly be the reason that for some the pregnancies are better than before or after?

I felt much better while preggo, but everything eased back about 3 weeks after I delivered. I hope the same for you!:>

Well I was suppose to start yesterday. No sign besides mild craping off and on. I haven’t taken a test yet. I figured I give it one more day and if still a no show I’ll test and call my OB (I’m high risk so I have to take progesterone at night and many ultrasounds to look at baby and my cervix.). I’m wondering if I should just call her today and tell her what’s going on even with out testing. Idk what to do yet

Yes I’m late. I always start the day I am suppose to

Test at home then call my dr. She will get me in right away due to being high risk. They will even do a sono that day as well.

I’m excited but nervous since I’m already high risk and newly DXd with Fibro I’m not sure what to expect. We have 2 beautiful girls. Our miricle babies. My flair ups are still not under controll that’s. A worry of mine