Getting better at replying to others

Having a horrific day but laughter or smiles always help me. I watch “too cute” on the Animal Planet and that always makes me smile! On that note… Prayers for those hurting or having a bad day today!

  1. Some girls claiming “He’s my World” “but that’s your 4th world in 2 months! Are you building a solar system?”

  2. Teenager Post # 15358… When you know something doesn’t fit in the fridge but you force the door shut and let it fall out on someone else!

  3. My body is a temple. Ancient and Crumbling, probably cursed or haunted!

  4. My remember is broken and my forgetter works perfectly!

  5. Yeah, I’ve got OCD…Old, cranky, and dangerous!

  6. Diet Day 1…I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious!

  7. Every time I lose weight, I find it again in the refrigerator

GBear! I’m sorry you are having a bad day :cry: But, you still manage to make us all smile.
These are GREAT!!! (Sometimes, I have the OCD described on #5, as well!) They were all a hoot, but #6 had me laughing so hard!!! Laugh therapy today? Check Check CHECK! THANK YOU :purple_heart:

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Time for some new ones!!