General Fibro Symtoms (yeah, we've proably heard them all by now)

I am very insecure and need some validation to see if others have these fibro symptoms:

chronic fatigue

chronic low energy

chronic pain

fibro fog


nausea without vomiting on the bad days

increased pain when the barometer drops rapidly



restless leg syndrome

ability to do a few light activities in the morning, then must lie down for the rest of the day


shaky hands

"traveling" pain-not able to predict from day to day where my body will hurt

even my skin hurts during a flair

migraine-like headache when barometer drops rapidly

unable to work due to the above symptoms.

muscle knots

balance problems (I used to love to dance-but not able to anymore :-((

numbness and tingling along with stabbing pains in hands and feet.

So, does anyone have suggestions how to work at home and make alittle money, (as a regular part-time job is out of the question)?

Youe symroma match mine pretty well. I also have an extreme sensitivity to cold. I am cold/freezing most of the time. The Chronic Fatigue is almot deadly. when I girind to a stop there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to lay down. Even though I am taking medication, I have no quality of life. Really gets old. If I can be of any help, please don't hesitate.

I thought I was alone with the nausea but no vomiting. of course, I have most of the others you listed above plus a few more. my best to you and yours.

I've always had problems with my stomach. When I was a child, my docs told my parents I had nervous stomach syndrome. They told my mom to either give me cola syrup or let a small glass of Coke sit till it went flat and let me drink that. For awhile that worked. As the fibro progressed and the lining of my stomach wore away (I'm guessing on that one) the cola syrup seemed to contribute to the nausea and add acid issues. I was born with a protein rash and have never tolerated dairy very well. Perhaps I have more than one thing going on with my stomach.

I learned in massage class that there is an acupressure point on the left rib cage, directly below the center of the nipple, at the bottom of the breast. (For those of us who are older, you may need to lift up the breast) You'll feel an indentation in the bone. You know you've got the right spot if putting pressure on it slightly hurts. While pressing on this point move your finger counter-clockwise. You should feel immediate relief of the nausea. Continue this as long as necessary. I know the last thing any of us needs is more pain, however, I've found that unlike the fibro trigger points, the pain from doing this stops when you stop.

Hope this helps!


I have the same symptoms except I so far have not had nausea or headaches that were too bad. The burning, tingling in my fingers and toes drive me the most crazy! I wish I had more advice. But to me, just knowing I'm not crazy and others feel the same symptoms help me!

There isn't one symptom there that I don't have!

Your list of symptoms matches mine almost perfectly. Hang in there, as you have seen from the responses here you are far from alone.

thanks, Shatosa, I will try that trigger point. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I will look. Blogging is new to me, so learning to navigate this site is probably the first thing to do!

I too always have problems with my stomach, since I was a child. My mother finally gave me pepto bismal or something like it in pill form to take at school. Anxiety has plagued me since childhood. My grandmother gave me ginger ale for my stomach, which I have used for Years. Will this corrode my stomach lining? It seems that one health problem occurs, and then the domino effect kicks in. Aging and fibro are surely not for wimps.

no ideaa how to blog but uh any help can help lol

I've been trying to find something to do from home as well. I don't know how to get started, I have a computer and know how to use it, and a printer that is a copier and scanner too. I have Microsoft office 365 and pretty good at using word, outlook, power point and excel, publisher I haven't used much, and access I haven't used much. But I have a phone to and an internet connection. I just don't know how use them to make money. I would love to start babysitting but don't want to be trying to keep up with short people who can't sit still. LOL, I'm being funny again. I will never stop flaring.. LOL.

Oh yes I have all of what you described except that I don't vomit. I have always had problems digesting food probably from IBS, but I found that the foods that make me feel upset or give me a bad ache, such as apple juice, orange juice and oranges, butter and foods with a lot of grease such as hamburger meat, I just don't eat them. It sucks, but I'd rather not inflict more pain on myself than what I already endure.


Hi Audrey!

My husband and I have tried to buy as much organic produce and products that we can afford. My husband shifted to gluten-free, and we've cut all dairy except butter, and we try to stay with organic meats. It is more expensive. I've noticed I have alittle more control over the pain, and allittle more energy. We juice 3x a week. This would be hard to do if we had kids still living at home. I have a garden area, but no energy to garden and weed. It would be a wonderful source of organic fruits and vegies.

I have tried selling on eBay and Etsy. It's really alot of work for little money. If you have the energy to go to garage sales and estate sales, or have coupons you can use on clearance items, that may be worth persuing. Going to garage sales take time and alot of energy. But I think if I do my homework ahead of time, and can assess fairly well what will sell on eBay, it might be worth the trouble. It won't equal the amount of money I could get from the SSI I am entitled to (but once again have to fight the courts for), but it may help.

My husband is also disabled, but has been seriously taught himself how to watch the stock market and buy low, sell higher. It is a feasible activity if you read up, subscribe to tutorials, and are good with numbers.

I'm with you-babysitting is just out of the question.

I even thought of dog breeding -small dogs. It takes a large in vestment initially for a high quality female (who of course would be the family pet).

If anyone else has good ideas for generating capital at home, please let us know!

Hey Chiletown, welcome!

You've put up a pretty comprehensive list of fibro symptoms. I suffer from most of them. I know others have other issues that I don't, yet those issues are on your list. In other words, fibro really sukks! It actually can cause all of those problems, although I'm no doctor so can't diagnose your symptoms, sadly.

How to work at home? I'm in the midst of trying to put together a little business that i can run online and sell stuff from on Ebay. I have no idea if anyone will be interested or not. Just trying to keep busy, as I can. Maybe you could do something like this? Sell small stuff that you can easily handle and ship. That's my theory and I'll stick to it, lol! I think there is also a way to set up a corporation so the money is not in your name and would not affect any disability payments but i don't know how to do it yet.

Good luck to you and thanks for joining us!


That's really cool, Shatosa! i think there's a lot to accupressure and even accupuncture. And I find that if I have a tension headache that pressing on the temples (the indentations on each side of the head) helps to reduce it.