Gamma knife pre op

me in the halo before I got my first GK treatment…I was loopy, thus the minor grin :slight_smile:

I just noticed this! Wow what an ordeal this was, and you still managed to smile a little! You are so very brave!

My heart is with you, I hope and pray that this makes a difference in your life, I mean a real improvement!

Please keep us in the loop!

Sending love and hugs,


How could you even smile in that thing? Like SK said - you are so brave. Wishing you the best. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing, please. big hug to you ~ Sandi:)

You are sooo brave! I pray this helps you a whole whole lot!!!

Gentle huggss, Kimberly :)

Okay, idk, what is this for Northwood?

I guess picture taking is a part of all their procedures...they said " smile " and I guess I did a little :0)

I so appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts. So far no pain relief from the Gamma Knife. I go back the first week of July for another re-check. In the mean time I will take your kindness with me through each day and will be back to keep you in touch. Today I have an appt. with my ENT ...all these meds have ruined my intestinal tract it seems :( Ah welll....and on we go, isn't that the saying? Again thank you for taking the time here and for making me feel like I really do have support here. Means a lot! Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G Ma

Tricky, Marygrace, here is her post that talks about this.

SK, thank you so much. That really cleared up a lot for me. It is amazing the crap that can happen to us. Northwood, my thoughts are with you. I hope you are not suffering.