Hi! I saw a neurologist today bcuz my migraines have gotten more frequent and worse pain wise! I was told to discontinue my beta blocker & lyrica& was prescribed gabapentin 300mg 3xs a day. It’s supposed to help decrease the Headaches & he said should help with the fibro pain. Has anyone had good success with this drug? The lyrica was not working for me & I’ve gained weight on it. Id like to know of others who are on it, their experience with its effectiveness & any side effects from it. I’m starting it tonight. Thanks to all!

Gail, hope this helps with your migraines! I had them as early as I can remember, and they stopped completely when I hit menopause. I didn't expect that to happen, but my doc said it often does. So 2+ years migraine free, there is hope!

My experience with gabapentin was allergy, so was only on it a short time. I do that with most medicines though. Benadryl is my best friend and goes everywhere with me. I have heard of a number of people being prescribed it for neurological stuff, with the side benefit being it helped with fibro. GOOD LUCK!

if it seems to sit unwell with you, or you have a side effect come up, has the actual literature for each pharmaceutical medication on the market, online. It saves you waiting to talk to your pharmacist or doctor in a pinch. I remember my neuro saying do not take with a few meds, including over the counter ones, that can increase sleepiness.

Not sure if I'll be of any help. When I was first diagnosed I used to get horrible sharp lightening like pain in my head. It took me a few years, but I discovered that going off all refined sugars made them disappear. I still get the tension headaches and will get migraines from stress. But the horrible sharp pains don't seem to come back unless I have candy or chocolate and such. Just thought I'd throw it out there as something that might help. Either way good luck!!

I'm on gabapentin for nerve pain. I told my doctor I couldn't tell if my feet were cold or numb and on my left side my arm will feel raw like I've got a cut or burn and I also have a spot on my leg that itches but is numb. I started 100mg 3x a day, went to 200mg 3x a day and I'm now increasing to 300mg 3x a day. I would gradually increase slowly if you can because of the stomach problems. The first time I increased to the 300mg at night, I had major stomach problems for a couple of days. I increased the morning dose next and did it on the weekend so I wouldn't have issues at work. I still havent increased my mid day dose yet. But I am feeling some relief on the 300mg already. I also just "feel" better. Not sure if its more energy or what. Its also helping during that hormonal time us women go through. I never have headache issues and I also have RA so our reasons for taking are different but it is effective if you can get thru the side effects. For me they pass within a couple of days. I hope it helps you too

Hello Gail

I have been on Gabapentin for some time for general fibro pain and I have found it helpful. I have some migraines but I didn't connect the two. I can't say without keeping track for awhile. As far as weight gain unfortunately that is a side effect of most medicines for us. But as for me if I can find something that lessens my pain I really want to give it a try.

It never helped my fibro pain. The only time I used it was when I had the shingles on my right hand. The med worked for about a week for shingle pain (nerve pain) then it was shingle pain was back with a vengeance. For my fibro pain it did nothing. Hope it helps you.

Hi Gail,

Gabapentin was my first drug for fibro, it helped the Sciatica and general all over nerve pain right away, but made me feel as though I was in a spinning top, so from that point on, I've been taking Lyrica. Both make you gain weight and hold fluid, I'm sorry to say, though the Gaba did not seem as severe! I get to the point of swelling with the Lyrica that I just stop taking it for a day or two and the fluid is released naturally, meaning I run to the bathroom to urinate constantly! I do this with the knowledge of my Internist and my Rheumatologist.

So many do so well with this drug, and I hope that you will be one of them, Gail! Just keep in mind that it will ONLY help nerve pain, not joint or bone pain!

Wishing you well,


Kholmes… I have heard of “eye migraines” they are called cluster headaches. Very painful from what I understand. I’ve never had one. My migraines always start as tension HA then the pain moves to the left side of my head at my temple & around that area & I sometimes get blurry vision. I started the gabapentin last night a couple hrs before bed. I didn’t feel it made me sleepy. I just felt “calm”, like i just had a glass of wine! I slept great which I don’t normally do. I took another one this morning & felt the same way for a couple hrs then I started feeling shaky inside & felt like I was moving in slow motion or something. Hard to describe. Very weird. My fibro pains the same but no HAs. I’m due to take another one in an hour but I’m thinking of waiting til this evening. No way I could work feeling like this! I’m an RN, I’m off today & tomorrow so it gives me time to adjust to the med. I’m thinking of taking it twice a day instead of 3 xs. I’m hoping this weird feeling will go away once my body gets used to it. Anyone else feel like this on it? Thanks to everyone for replying & sharing !

I feel that to find a doctor who cares is the key, whether it be your GP, a rheumy or other specialist.

Good luck on your journey. I hope it doesn't take you too long to find a good doctor. I read that you should consider your search for the right doctor like a job interview. After all you are hiring your doctor.

This was a new thought to me. But when I thought about it I found myself agreeing. So, your first appointment with a doctor you should interview the doctor and depending on the success or failure of the interview should determine whether you are going to hire this doctor or continue to look for another one.

I am on Gabapentin as well, I have gained 40 lbs over the last 9 months on the med, I have to say that it has helped a lot with the pain, doesn't help so much with my migraines, but fibro pain is at least manageable. I keep telling my husband that I didn't loose a 100 lbs to gain it all back, but he tells me not to dare stop taking it because he can tell a huge difference with my crying in my sleep from the pain. I have not had any other side effects, only the weight gain. I hope it works for you as well as it does me. gentle hugs

Hi there, where do I begin…Iwas on Lyrica when first diagnosed with fibro. I literally felt stoned and stopped using it. Then i was put on Gabapentin and have been on it quite some time. I think it takes the edge off, but i wake up with headaches. Judging by the other responses, its probably something you will have to see how your body reacts to it. Seems like its always trial and error, which is exhausting. I wish you luck with the med as well as less painful days.