Hey I’m trying to figure out my med dosage can you guys help me? What do you guys do? Right now I’m on gabapentin 100mg 2 pills twice a day but they aren’t working anymore. What’s the highest I can go?

I went all the way up to 900mg 3 times a day. Upping the dosage all the way to that didn’t really help me, I felt the same pain but also very sleepy all the time. So now I’m back down to 300mg 3 times daily. It helps some and I’m not as sleepy.

Don’t do anything yourself at home by adjusting meds yourself, follow the docs recommendations and if you have any side effects, anything at all that you need to tell the doctor, do it…don’t start googling stuff, that can lead you down a path you don’t want to do, and you get all sorts of stuff that may not even be right about what you need…if you need a second doctors opinion, get one, but follow doc advice…i am here for more questions…

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After diagnosing me with Fibro the doc started me on Gabapentin. I took it a couple of weeks and blew up like a balloon. After that I was changed to Lyrica and that is a whole different story.

And I had the reverse of what PinkCat posted. I was on Lyrica for a month and gained weight, and went into depression, plus no real pain relief. He switched me to Gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day and welbutrin 150mg; however, I still don’t feel relief except for a little more energy. Weather seems to affect me the most. I had almost 3 weeks of very little pain and tons of energy when the weather warmed up here in GA, then WHAM…cold weather and back to pain and lack of energy again. Everyone is different, but definitely don’t self-medicate. You can call your doc and ask about going up on dosage though. :wink:

Gabapentin was one of the first medications that my doctor tried me on. She had to keep increasing my dose because I would build up a tolerance and it didn’t work for my pain, but I was becoming a zombie mentally. She tried me on other medications and now I am on Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Celebrex, but everyone is different. You just need to work with your doctor. It takes time to find what helps you the most. Good luck on your journey.

Make sure you talk to your doc before any dosage change but I am on 1800 mg a day right now. Just remember…i am on some other stuff too and the higher the dose the more and stronger the side effects. I liked lyrica better personally but it is very expensive. I switched insurance and they didn’t cover as much so I had to switch. Hope it helps

I started out like you are doing and then gradually worked up to 300 mg three times a day. I wasn’t really getting much relief and am unable to tolerate Cymbalta, Savella, etc., so my doc wanted to increase the gabapentin. Well higher doses just made me super sleepy so now I just take 300 mg three times a day and 400 mg at bedtime. Good luck with your meds and I hope you find the right combination and strength!


My doctor raised my dose to 900 mg but I still have pain and trouble sleeping. He suggested I take 600 mg before bed and 300 mg in the morning. It still takes forever for me to fall asleep then I am so groggy all morning long,

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If you want to try to stay on Lyrica make sure you check out their financial assistance program. I had been taking it but a lot of side effects for me.

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I find the Gabapentin has little effect on me anymore u less I raise the dose which I don’t want to do. I have started to use Valerian at night which works better than the GABA for sleep. I do 't want to go to Lyrica and since I am in Medicare I can’t use any of the drug coupons which makes it very expensive .

I do not blame you about not wanting Lyrica. It gave me some pretty bad side effects. Although I do not know how medicare fits in I went through the company. I filled out paperwork at my doctor’s office (basically income). The medication came directly from the company to my front door. I did the same thing for my RA medication Humira. I have no income. I have filed for disability.

Hi I am Simon I am new here , I was diagnosed 11 years ago I take 600mg 3 times a day , I only recently had these increased as a previous doctor messed up and took me off them however my new doctor read all my notes carefully and put me back on them , at first 100mg twice a day then the increase each week for three weeks .