Gabapentin- when will it start working?

Hi started gabapentin 10 days ago… started out taking 100mg 2xday for 6 days and worked up to 200 mg 2xday. I don’t feel any relief at all. When will it start working? If it’s building up in my system shouldn’t it work a little? I hurt so much. :frowning: It’s weird when it’s time for my next dose I feel increased pain on top of pain I have been having. What is everyone else’s experience with this drug? Thank you for any help.

My old doc and I tried gabapentin for me for about three weeks and it didn’t work for me at all. He had me calling weekly and giving updates. I’d try calling and leaving a msg. In the meantime, is there anything you can take to help you with the pain?

Hey BB!

You are on your way to the standard dose! Your MD was smart to start you our easy, you will have less ill effects from this drug if they start you slowly. Here is a little more info on that:

I know that we all want to feel better last year, but he is doing the right thing here, though you should not be feeling an increase of pain when taking it, but a reduction IF the pain is nerve pain and not joint or bone pain. Gaba and Lyrica will never help joint or bone pain. Hopefully this is just the med wearing off after 8 hours, it will not stay in the body longer than that, if that.

Talk to your Dr and/or pharmacist about this, please.

As for me, this med helped my Sciatica right away, but I was unable to adjust to it, it just made me reel. I know it helps many people, however Lyrica turned out to be better tolerated.

Hope you soon get some relief soon, if not call the Dr!

Wishing you well,


Thanks, ladies. I will call my rheum. today. I had been trying to stay off pain relievers, but alas, the pain has been intolerable and I need to find something that works. I wanted to try taking some OTC relievers, but I thought it would cloud the results of the Gaba and I wouldn't be able to tell which is helping! I'll keep everyone posted.

Thank you again,